Very slow

I could feel you are came closer to me, and despite our real distance, i have could feel your arms around me, and now you are tightnening me delicately toward you.

Our electric shocks each day becoming always more persistent, anbd i can feel your closeness become stronger.

The soft punch in the stomach is chocking me, while i feel your sweetness around me in this solitary room.

I shaking the head thinking to that picture, and i throw away all the air from the lungs. 
The more i think to all those signs that are surrounding us, more i want create a japamala with your beads, but now with two threads, and that red thread it’s our thread that the universe have wanted given us to unite us more. I throw away all the air from the lungs thinking  of you.

And more i go on, more i think that we are really destined to stay together. There are many things that unite us, even in uncoditionally, but when they show themselves in front of us, i know, even you remain breatheless.

Maybe you don’t realize how you make me feel… and when it appear this double number, i just can shake the head, and everything it starts to run fast in my mind. 
Our Parallel World is throwing real clear signs, and we have to only to submit, and leaving us overwhelm by these great emotions, that we feel inside.


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