Closed the door behind our shoulders, we have throw away the air from the lungs, and we have smiled each other. 
Michelle knew that with her screaming have would shake something upstair, and in facts within few minutes, she have could listen to someone starting to go down, and in few seconds two shadows have came out from that drapery next the counter. 

As two vampires  dazzled by the light,  we have closed the eyes, and very slow we have got use to the day light, and slowly we have indetified each creature in the anteroom. First of all we recognized the great shape of Cyclope who, with his great voice, welcomed us into the world of the living, and in low tone of voice he have ask if we wanted something to eat, you still sleepy have nodded and have answered him: “Your specialities”, and on Cyclope face have printed a big grimace. When somebody was asking his specialities, the big greenish creature was the happiest, and he have run in the kitchen. 

When our vision have been clearer we have seen Michelle who was smiling, perceiving everything we had done in her room. She have didn’t speak aloud but she have said menthally: “Good dirty guys! That’s how it’s done.”
She had understand it from  my face, and when she have came closer to you, she have winked you giving you double pat on your shoulders.
Looking at that scene, i have blushed biting the lips, and i have sighed her name, looking for to don’t blush more.

When she have invited us to sit at that table that it seemed became our, she have sat in front of us and, after a bit in silence, she have said: “Cyclope have called the mechanic, and within few he will arrive”. You have remained dazed  as much those small group of creatures were well organized. 
Getting up, she have said: “Enjoy yourselves the breakfast” and when she have left us, there was already Cyclope behind her with the tray ready to being place in the middle of that small table.

Cyclope before to leave,he have remained a bit. I knew that he wanted hear the compliments that have came very soon, and he have blushing he have added that the mechanic would not have made late to arrive. He had given him appointment toward two o’clock, and looking at the clock behind the counter, we would have had time to have breakfast with all calm. 
You have thanked him so much, and so the greenish big creature have blushed once again thinking to the meal that he had prepared, and i remarked him: “Always good!” and i have gently i have smiled him, and with embarass, he have touched himself his big  bald head and going backward, he have left us.

We have looked at us around, and just after a bit, we have looked at each other, and in silent we have said: “That’s why they wanted us!” I have looked at the big back of Michelle sat on a stool talking with Cyclope.
«Those dirty guys had found their intimacy, but now they had get back in that reality from which sooner they would be escape again. » I have low laughed when i have read that thought run fast in your mind, turning round for fear that someone else had heard, but it was impossible. 

What we had not say each other, but that we knew perfectly it was that once got the car, we we would go in your apartment to take your stuff, but what we didn’t know when we would got back, or what we would have do once arrived there. Surely we have woul have pass much time inside there.
And now that we have began stare the empty dishes in front of us, we were counting the time that it was dividing us from the mechanic’ appointment.

When Cyclope have comeback to retire our dishes, he have looked at us and with his big head, he have beckon and we have understand that it was question of minutes, but as soon he have left us, the wooden door of the club have been opened and that undefinied bald creature with the leather jacket, have entered and you have immediately recognized, and despite there were nobody in the club, you have lifted the hand, making sign to reach us. 

Despite he could seemed a rough creature, immediately he have took off the peaked cap, and he have blush in front of me, knowing what i had passed, and in a low tone of voice, he have asked: “How are you mis??”
He didn’t ever looked at me straight into my eyes. Answering him, i tried to catch his attention, benting myself, and only when he have noticed my efforts, he have looked at me blushing more.

This his gesture have touched my heart, and when my glance have met your, you have could hear it beating strong.
And only when i replied him: “Thank for your interested, i’m fine”, slowly our eyes have met. I have shy smiled him and he have blushed, rubbing the peaked cap that he had in his strange paws.
He have made me alot tenderness, but i wanted take off him that embarass, and immediately you have asked him what was the car problem, and he seemed go back that creature that you had met outside the striptease club.

He have explained you everything with a ease that even a baby would have understand, and he have give you the keys, and when you was about to ask how much you have pay him, he have denied to, saying: “For this wonderful miss i would do everything free”, and he have looked at me benting himself as  a servant of mine. 
I have remained breathless, and looking at you i ended to look at him with the eyes wet.”


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