After have sweetly looked at me, you have said: “This time for real, let’s try to sleep”, ad even you you have lean yourself next to me, embracing me.

Just after few seconds later you was checking my breathe, and slowly, still enveloping by small contractions, and very slowly i have closed the eyes, while your arms were tightening me, and together we have throw away the air from the lungs.
We have asleep ourselves calling each other, keeping our hands one in another.

Our hearts beating strong unison, till we were in half sleep, but when we have asleep, we have fallen in a sleeping very profound, and what we have dreamt have merged one in the mind another, and the dreams we have done were so vivid. 
We have met every our friends, and everything was so unreal, but it’s have lasted just few minutes, then we haven’t remember nothing else. 
The only thing persistent were our perfumes that were playing with our olfactory senses and ocasionally, we have perceived our hands mapping our bodies, and all that, it making us tightening us more each other.

I believe that we have slept all the time so. It have been a wonderful sensation, that i ever felt before, and even i believe that it was been the very first night that i have slept a sleep so calm, after what have happened.
Even for you, it have been a sleep very relaxing, i have could perceived it from your sweetnes of  how you was keeping me among your arms.
That morning we have slept much. I have realized of that because when i have opened the eyes, i have could hear the voice of Michelle who was joking with Cyclope, and usually Michelle before the eleven o’clock, didn’t appear in the club. 

I looked at me around and the light of the room was a bit more bright, but the wonderful blue effect of the moon light remaining . In silent, i have said a sweet good bye to that magical room, and slowly i have lifted my face toward your.
Your blue eyes were closed yet, and for a bit i have left you sleep, but just few mìnutes after, i have started to call you.
Only second time, you have started to mumbling something and move your head from one side another, and just when you have opened those blue eyes, i have sighed: “Good morning” and have softly touched your sleepy face.

I didn’t have ever realized how much sweet you was as soon woke, and stretching your arms, you have took me and have embrace me tight. In that gesture, i have could perceive your “Good morning my love”, i have shared one of the sweetest glance with you, and i have would could remain there, in your arms for the rest of my life, but i have said: “I have already hear Michelle voice downstairs…. it’s so late!” and menthally i have explained you what i knew about Michelle’ timetables.
You have shy smiled , and caressing me you have said: “Don’t worry, she will understand us, and she will be happy that we stay here still a bit more, and then i have organized everything with Cyclope when you have came in the Michelle’s dressing room. We can remain here a bit more”. 

My heart have started to beat a bit stronger, and so we have remained how we have woke ourselves. 
But when from the begin of  the stairs, we have heardt the voice of Michelle joyful screaming: “Where are they those two dirty guys?” , we have understand that it was really time to go down. 
I have blushed, and you have shyly smiled, and coughing you have said: “I think she want us…” and making the right calculations, we have remained in bed, embraced without say nothing, about an hour and half, and it was time that we presenting ourselves downstairs. 

I was still blushing, thinking what we had done just few hours ago, and looking at me, i was still bare, and you had on that shirt that i have would wanted you didn’t fastening it. But those two dirty guys had to being presentable.
And so, you have throw away the the air from the nostrils and looking at me, you have said: “It’s better to go down.” and you have laughed. I  have bite my lips, and slowly i have nodded.
It was also the time to know if the mechanic had fixed your car and to know if we could go to your aparment.

Dressed we have opened the door, but before to go down, we have turned, maybe that it would have been the last time that we have would tasted the magical atmosphere of that room.”


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