And when you have sighed: “Let’s try to sleep” i have hold back the breathe and sliding my hand inside your shirt, i have  throw away the air from the lungs, and those milion of thoughts that were running in my head, all of a sudden, have disappeared. 

And for the last time, we have asleep in that blue, and magical room. 
You have been the the last to close the eyes. When you have heardt my breathe became heavier, you have sweetly tightened me more to you, and you have remember the words of Michelle, you have try to look at me, but the only thing you have could feel of me, it have been my warm breath that was warming you as in delicate embrace.
Holding back the breath, in just few seconds, you have remember each single instants passed with me: from the very first time i have spoken to you below that big hat, joking with Cyclope, to just when few seconds earlier my hand have slided inside that white shirt that you had still on.

What you was feeling in those instants, were those emotions that have made you understand that you have would passed your life with me, and feeling my breathe on your skin, it seemed you that you was entering more in my life. 
Slowly you heart was beating stronger, and your wish was to being my protective shield wherever i was going, and you would have been it from now on. 
I have could feel your thoughts running in my mind, and occasionally very sweet i have called you. 
“I will be always by your side, i promise” you have sighed carressing my body next to your.

When you have try close the eyes, your glance have placed itself on that soft transparent white bathrobe, and like a flash you have retraced all those exciment moment, and above all those below that bad lit streetlamp, and when your glance have placed itself  on my legs, your eyes have moved a bit up, and those lace that delicately were covered my initimate lips, have turned on once again your wish to feel them, even for a short  instant.

As thief, you was looking at me blissful sleeping on my pillow, and sweetly your hand have started to caress my legs. I was move me a bit. It seemed i had perceived your wish, and i have settled me better supine with legs bent.
So placed, you have hold back the breathe, for then throw it away,and remaining breathless, you have could see better those small slots through lace of my panties, and this time it have been you to bite  the lips.

You wanted see each grimace i was doing while i was sleeping, so you have place next to me, but that hand very slow was going straight to target, and when you have reached the panties, you have stopped looking at me while i was mumbling something. Not even you are been capable to understand what i was saying, but it seemed it wasn’t important.

Slowly, you are been capable to move my panties, and finally you have started to caress that small part of my body, and when your sensual touch have woke my senses, i have opened the eyes, and you was already looking at me. 
I have sighed your name in the most sensual way you have heardt, and delicately you have came closer to me. 
Our eyes have dive one another till you have came closer more to caress my ajar lips, and when your kisses have become still more passionate, my body, below your finger’ command, have started to move itself sinuously, and when i have stared your finger below that lace fabric, right after i have looked at you, i have made you understand that you had to  snatched them, you have looked at me for a second, then with a a dry blow, you have snatched that delicate thin little strap that was enveloping my waist, and delicately those white straps have opened one side another, and finally you have could see that small triangle,  and you have throw a glance toward me, and biting my lips, i have arched my body toward you, and delicately you have penetrated me. 

You have feel my sweet holding, and whispering my name you have began move a bit faster that pleasure tool that it was your finger. 
My moan were became the most beautiful sound, that that room was making resounding around us, and feeling that wet sound was growing, you have wanted see me deeply, and when from my open mouth haven’t came out no more moans, and my glance was only straight into your, you knew that a storm of little contractions were about to hold your finger and my orgasm was about to awash it.

You have wanted came closer to my wide mouth open, and you have wanted kiss my lips in one of the most passionate kiss ever. 
You was surrounded by my pungent smell that was still came out from those intimate lips, and those small contractions was still making me trembling from inside, and that only thing that didn’t wanted stick off one from another, were our eyes.”


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