When i start

To think to yo, all of a sudden, i feel your closeness, i a strong way that i began  to think that that thin thread is exists for real. 
Our electric shocks are starting cross our minds, and i can perceive your phrase, and it is going me crazy, and the more i hearing it i think it’s real what i have thought when you have made it, and everything it makes me beating hard the heart.

Our Parallel World is lifting around us . 
I can perceive your arms around me, and the soft punch in the stomach is chocking me, and i know it’s the same for you. 
We have to throw away the air from the lungs. 
I’m in a twirl of emotions mixed of dazing, because what i’m reading about the twin flames is what i’m feeling from  when our very electric shock have crossed our minds, and from that moment haven’t stopped ever. 

It’s true we are bond through a thread that each day is become always shorter, and it is left me breathless, and it makes us aware of what is happening around, but above all inside our souls. 
It’s a storm of new emotions, never felt before, and only we feel our elctric shocks, we are conscous of our marvellous connection, and that picture it’s  real proof. 
If i think again i can’t hold back the tears . 
I know that you have made it right after read my message…. 
I would like say you how much important you are for me, but i believe already you know it.
I feel you close to me more than ever.



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