Michelle have came closer to me and she have embraced me tight to her big body, and looking at me straight into my eyes, she have said: “Do you see, it’s really over” and  then she have shared a glance with you in which we both we have could hear her say: “I reccomend you now. It’s your duty protect her. It see far a mile that she have lost her soul into your those two blue eyes!” 

In her way to «say» that sentence, you have could perceive a bit of warning, but it have been me to intervene, repeating what she had said me: “It’s over, and he doesn’t wanted leave me no more.”
You have smiled her beckoning, and she have gave you some pats on your shoulders, and wishing everybody goodnight, she have said us: “Rest yourself, and everytime you want got back in that bedroom….”
Leaving in suspension that phrase, we had understand what she wanted mean.

Leaving the club, she have saluted everybody, and so little by little even the others creatures, have left Cyclope wandering in the club turning off the lights, and taking out the garbage that he had already collected.
We were remained inside the club at the table and slowly we were sharing one of the sweetest glance ever. 

When Cyclope have entered once again, he placed himself in a corner waiting that that magical moment among us had vanished. 
It seemed that that glance had no end, but for Cyclope was a pleasure assist to it. 
Only when i have realized that, in the whole local that only light on, was that above our table, and a big shadow was sat on a stool,  i have looked at you and i have shy smiled you, making you see Cyclope in waiting.
And when i said: “I think Cyclope is waiting for us”, you have turned, and embarassed you have said: “Oh, excuse us, we go upstairs, amd thank for everything”, so you have got up, and taking my hand, we directed ourselves behind another dark drapery and we have turn on a small switch light that was illuminate the stairs. 
Only when we have started the stairs, we have could hear the big voice of Cyclope wishing us: “Good night and see you tomorrow”, and it have been me to say him: “Goodnight!”

At half stair, we have could hear the double keystroke, and immediately after we have know, that we were alone. 
We have shared a glance, a sweet smile, and we have continued to ascend the stairs, and when we have stopped in front of the door, you have pulled me more to you, and we have remained for a bit so.
When you have let me enter, i have stopped on the threshold, and right after, i have hold back the breathe whispering how much it would have been missed that room. 
“Yes, it really magic, i will miss it too, but remember what Michelle had said.”
I have turned toward you and i have smiled, but when our glances have met, i sighed: “Let’s restart from where we have been interrupted. Tomorrow we will check the apartment, and we will take car.” 

You was listening to me, and ocassionally you have hold back the breathe, but then you have taken my hand, and slowly you have brought me to bed, and leaning me on the matress, with your sweet voice, you whispered: “Let’s think it tomorrow”, and your glance have stopped on that bathrobe that i had left on bed. I have sweetly smile, while you have started caressed me, stopping yourself on those bottons of my pants, while, unconditionally, i bit my lip, watching your fingers that one by one unbuttoned them.

When the closure have been opened, you have opened them delicately, from those pair of jeans , they have appeared my panties. For  a second you have remained breathless, and hen our glance have met, and while our eyes didn’t wanted stick off one from another, you have took those pants and you made them slide down.
And only when you have take off them from my legs, you have placed yourself next to me, and you have softly touched them, while i placed my face on your chest, listening to your heart that was beating strong.
Delicately i have sighed your name, and our glance have met.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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