I had noticed

It already from your video.  I adore it, but i adore more your sweet smile, as much that i can’t bite my lips, and think to you so.
I’m thinking to all what i have sent you… Who know if you have ever thought to wear that necklace with the larimar.

In these instants i perceive your closeness, and your embrace around my waist, and your breathe is enveloping my being. 
Our electric shocks are crossing  our minds, and we delicately communicating.
Only our souls can decyphring what they say. 
We can just thriw away the air from the lungs.

I feel this distance is very hard. I can feel your what you are feeling in these instants. 
Our soft punch in the stomach is growing each day is by. 
Your closeness making itself always stronger. 
It taking me from the inner of my heart, and makes it explode.

And when i feel your presence inside me, i know that you are feeling the same. 
The blue tit have arrived and it makes me feel that Our Parallel World is very close. 
It’s enough elongate our hands and we can touch us. 

I see you, and my heart is literally exploding. 
I’m thinking you much. I hope sometimes you do, seeing what i have sent you.

I love you deeply more that the love meaning itself. It’s something deeper, and maybe you know what i want mean.


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