We have looked at the door, and immediately i have made you understand to go open it, but as soon you have opened Cyclope had already turn around that stair, and you have shaked the head, and only when you got back next to me you have looked at me more deeply, and my glance have become serious.

You knew what was in my mind in those instants, and that romantic atmosphere was completely vanished, and you have could hear my heart that literally was splashing out from my chest, while my glance asking to descent and hear what Jim had said. You have could not say me no, but at least you have ask to end to eat what Cyclope had prepared us.
Without pronnounce a word, i  have only beckon and looking for to set free  the mind  from that only sentence that Cyclope had said us from behind the door, i have shyly smiling at you, and slowly  we both have ended the meal that lovely Cyclope had brought us.

In those minutes, my mind was elaborating many thoughts, but above all, one in particular was making itself way among the others, and only when you have been capable to perceive it, you have looked at me astonished.
By now the werewolf was die, and this was so important. By now he could not got annoy nobody, and despite stay in that magical room was extraordinary, in that apartment there was my things, and certainly, i wanted got back there, and restart a life in that apartment with you.
You was reading all that, and you ever haven’t interrupted me. Only when i thought the last sentence, you have sighed my name taking my hand, placing it on your chest.


We already knew that it was late to go to ther Jim office, and the new show of Michelle was over, and everybody were about to leave the club, but my wish to see my friends was great, and you wanted fullfill all my wishes, so with a sweet: “Ok”, you have passed me my dresses, and you have helped me to wear that pants and you have fastened me the shirt, making it in a sensual way that for a moment you was been capable to making me forget me why i wanted go down.
I knew that my descent would be very short, but i wanted hear what everybody had told when Jim had called. 

We got prepared ourselves and taking the empty tray, we have go down.
I didn’t know who i have would meet downstairs. Surely we have would meet Cyclope that with his tea towel was cleaning the latest stuff that the clients had left on the counter, or he was collecting the latest garbage for then take it out to the garbage bin.
While we have go down, you have could hear my heart that was beating so strong, and for making me feel calm, you have whispered: “It’s ok, don’t worry”
At these words, my instinct have been to take your hand tightening them strong. When we have turned the last flight of stairs, i have immediately noticed something strange. 

Lately it was Cyclope that was accompanied me to the aparment, and when Cyclope was ended a room, he was turning off the lights, and little by little, from the brightest local of the city, it was becoming the darkest one, and many times even the creepiest one, but this time, the lights were on yet, and when  i have entered in the anteroom there were no only Cyclope, but there were everybody who were waiting for me.
Michelle knew me well, and she was sure that i would be go down for have more news about that phone call.

Shyly Michelle had smile, and from her glance i had immediately understand that Cyclope had noticed the new bathrobe, when he have brought us the dinner. She have winked, making me blush, and  immediately after i have tightening your hand and together we have settle at our table, and with a thread of voice, i have asked: “What he have said Cyclope?” Knowing well that it was him to answer to every phone calls of the striptease club.

Cyclope was behind his counter cleaning a glass, and when have placed it on a tray, he have said: “Jim seemed very excited. He have said that he have been till that moment to check every small things that they had collected, and he have remained astonished when he have received a visit of two young werewolves who had decided to go the police tell everything. He have added that your deposition have been very useful, but if the werewolves had not came, he would have been still inside that tangle. He have called just to inform you that within two days, you will can enter once again in your apartment. He said, his best men were already at work to settle it at best “

When Cyclope have stared at me with his unique eye, he have could perceive a sense of peace, but there was a last question wanted a confirmation: “So we don’t have to go again to the police?”
And to that question have replied Michelle, taking me the hand. 
“No, my dear. It’s really over!” and to that exclamation i have shared a glance with you, that you have throw away the air from the lungs, and right after i have could relax me, throwing me back in your arms. 
Looking at everybody, i have would wanted stay with each of them, but i knew that they were remained till that moment, because they wanted see my reaction, but even them were exhausted, above all my big friend Michelle.”


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