All of a sudden

Your closeness and your ams around my belly, and Our Parallel World all around us. 
It’s from tonight that you want say me something. I perceive it.
Your electric shocks are crossing my mind, and delicately become how we always wished.

The soft punch in the stomach is growing each minute is pass. 
Our mind get connecting sweetly, and eveything become at our measure. 
These minutes are the most intense in all the day. 

I can feel your heart, is going crazy, because is beating  strong like mine and everything that is enveloping us  vanish transforming itself in Our Parallel World, and despite our distance we can feel each other always closer. 
You are  whispering my name, and i can hear it, and eveything it have made think at tonight, when i have stared your blue eyes. 

I have to throw away all the air from the lungs, because i know you are feeling the same i’m feeling in these instants.
Our connection is so much beautiful that it leaves you without the breathe, and it don’t makes you understand nothing else.  It have to pass, but even when it passed it leaves you dazed, and when they appears those double number i remain more overwhelm, as in this case. and when i see you in that pic in my smartphone, i bite more the lips, thinking that you have read that my little message. 
I’m goin crazy only at the thought. 
You…. me.



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