We were reprising each other  for the love we had done, when we had heardt the big heavy steps of Cyclope who was climbing  the stairs, we have smiled, and you have wear that pants that were still bathroom. 
I have decided to go in bed and when he have knocked the door, we were ready to welcome him. 
You went open the door and you have let him enter, making him place the tray that he had in hand on the forniture next the door.

As much he was tall when he entered, he have had bended his big head. He have took a glimpse inside, and when he have  noticed me in the bed, he have blushed, becoming all yellowish, and he have wanted take off the disturb coughing, looking for to shake off the embarassement that it was enveloping him. 
“Don’t be ashame it, please” I have said him seeing that going backward, he was stumbling on the forniture, making about to fall the tray. 
He have stopped himself before, and he have looked at me straight in to my eyes, and in those seconds, everything got back normal. His heart that was beating like milion jackhammer was getting calm, and when i have shy smiled, on his big sweet face, it have printed his usual grimace, and going clash toward closed door, he have wished us: “Bon apetit”.

You have opened the door and giving him a strong pat on his back, you have thanked him.
I had seen the whole scene and knowing the big  greenish creature, i knew his very sense of embarassement. If it wasn’t for that situation, i would went  to him to assure him that it wasn’t happened absolutely nothing.
“Cyclope, as much big he is, he is the shyest creature i ever met. I have ever seen him get hurts an ant. You always can count on him. 
Thinking it well, he have surprised me much when he have go with you and he have seen the whole messy scene with me in the middle.” I have said looking at you while you was bringing the tray on bed. 
I knew what you have would replied, and you knew that i wanted hear it from your voice, and for an istant we have remained in silence staring straght int our eyes, and you have replied just when you have sat next to me came closer the tray. 
“There, it was a total different situation. There, he didn’t have seen you like few minutes ago. Here, he have seen you like the most beautiful and seducent human being that he ever seen, and with this new bathrobe you can awe everybody. You are very beautiful, and nobody knows you as i do, and damn how beautiful you are!”

When you have throw away the air from the lungs, i have stared you, and i knew that those words have came from the bottom of your heart, and looking straight in to your blue eyes, i would could swear to have listen to my heart that was exploding, and when all that lttle magical atmosphere have vanished, a small nervous smile have came out.
For a last moment we have shared a sweet glance, then you have opened the tray two dishes, with a rose in the middle, were still steaming. 
We both have staring the rose, while you have took it and gently you have gave it to me.
I have sniffed it smiling, and i sighed: “It have been Cyclope to have putted it. How he have been sweet”, and letting you smell it, i have placed delicately on the tray. 

In those seconds milion of thoughts were crossing your mind, and each of them have regarded me. I didn’t know what one of them it was making you beating strong the heart more, and when  you have looked at me deeply, while i was bringing the fork the mouth, one of your thoughts have been predominant, and it have made me blush very much.
We were looking at each other eating, and often i have could read the word «seducent» in your mind, and one of the latest time, i have stopped to eat for bite my lips, as much that word have came repeated. 

When have ended, you have put the tray on the floor, and have waited that i have settled me better, and delicately you have moved away those bedsheets that had covered me when Cyclope have entered.
I have let you do, and you have remained a long instant to stare my bare body dressed only with that soft and light bathrobe.  
Touching delicately the soft fabric, you have delicately moved it away and so you have could see once again my bare legs. You have began caressed me when we have heard someone go upstairs the stairs and stopped itselff in front f the door. Gently it have knocked the door, and it have announce itself. 
It haven’t wanted that we open the door.
It was Cyclope once again, and he was warning us that Jim had called announcing that he had found something, and then Cyclope have go down.

When we have realized that it was no longer behind the door, we have shared a glance, and we have throw away the air from the lungs, then you have wanted embraced me tight. I had the heart that was beating like a jackhammer, and once again in that glance you have assured me that it would have went everthing well.”


Listen to it 🔉⤵




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