When we both have entered in that magic room closing the door, the music of the show below have vanished, and the only thing we have could hear were our breathe. 
For a bit you have stared that box that you have placed on the little forniture next the door, and when our glances have met, we have throw away the air from the lungs.

You had almost forget when we had made see the first bathrobe to Michelle, and she immediately, she had told us that RedNeck have would made another one, and that one was in that box.
We had not still speak, but many thoughts were chasing each other, and one of you in particular was chasing that mine when i was in Michelle dressing room. 
Now there were no Cyclope or Mchelle that were obstacling our thoughts, and we have could set free all our fantasies. 

You have looked at for a last time the box, and when your eyes have placed on me, you haven’t say nothing, but you knew that shortly, i have would took that brown box and i would go in bathroom. 
You have came closer, and you have caressed my body, and i have touched your face, and delicately i caressed your tiny mole, and in silence i moved myself from where i was, and even if i didn’t wanted to, i have left you there, standing still.

When i went in bathroom, i have closed the door, and i placed myself infront of that piece of glass, and i have mirroed myself inside, remembering what i had figured just few minutes ago in the Michelle dresisng room, and to the contrary, in her dressing room, here i have could wear it on.
Slowly i have take off all my clothes, and i have took it from the box. 
The sensation of the fabric on my skin, it have been overwhelming, and despite i was no longer in front to the big mirror of that cupboard, i have could see it more beautiful than i have seen it full figure. 

For a long minute i have closed the eyes, and those perverse thought that i had have in dressing room, have got back in mind, but now that i have wear that white and soft bathrobe, with its rustle  was making the rest. 
I was dressed only with thar fabric, and my imagination slowly had reached you in the other room.
Unconsciously i have called you, and you have remained breathess when you have opened that small door. 
I had the hands placed on the sink, and when our glances have met, a “Come” have flew in the air, and delicately you have entered. 

Slowly you have placed behind me, and you have began to caress the soft fabric, along my body. 
You have could see that i had close the eyes, while little by little, my breathe have increased, when your hands have soft touched my shoulders and delicately, you have made fallen the sleeves on my arms, and sweetly you have turned me, and when our eyes have met once again, you have whispered: “How much sexy you are!” 
And delicately i have unfastened the pants that you had still on. 
Touching your inner thigh, i have could feel your desire was moving like a lion in cage, and when even you have been set free from those useless garments, you have wanted became true what i had in mind from long time.

And so you have sighed me: “You turn”, and i have place my hands, once again on the sink, while your hands were pulling up the soft bathrobe on my back, and with a rough thrust you have penetrated me from behind, while the other hand were looking for something wet, among my legs, and when you have found it, you have played with  my lips for a bit, but when you have realized that my thought had got excited me more than usual,  you have pulled out your desire and wildly you have took me between your arms, and you have came out from the bathroom, and i have sighed: “On the floor”, and so you have fulfill my wish, and you have lay me on the ground below the moon beams that entering throught the window. 

The soft bathrobe seemed a soft cloud around us, and when you have penetrated me once again, you have took a flap that have got you annoy and you have put it on my belly, but your thrust have made it fall on my groin, and little by little, it have ended just among that act of love, and it seemed was became a third penetration, and that  rubbing have stimulated both, and seconds later we have looked at each other, knowing that shortly we were about to reach maybe, one of  the most intense orgasm. 

We have have looked at each other overwhelmed and just after few seconds, my contractions were tightening your desire that was exploding inside me. 
We were still moaning for the enjoyment we were feeling. 
I have tightened you for all the time it have lasted the orgasm, then slowly i have abandoned myself and i have made fall my arms on the floor.
I had the eyes closed, but when you have whispered my name, slowly i have opened them, and we have looked at each other holding back the breathe for then throw it away from the lungs. 
We had no need to say nothing. You have wanted only kiss me once again, while you was repeating me that phrase that i had not ever heard before now.”


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