I have throw away

All the air from the lungs, when i seen you in this famous black & white pic changed in color. 
I always loved this your pic, but this version is very astonish. 

It’s from  yesterday that i feel your closeness, and yesterday i have could even perceive your perfume, and it was long time that i didn’t have feel it. 
You have changed it, i love it. 

In these hours i can feel your closeness around me, and your breath is enveloping my being.
Your arms around my belly, and our electric shocks are crossing our minds, and despite you are still sleeping, i know you are feeling my whispers. I sweetly calling you, and you are sighing my name, and now our hearts are beating at the same rhythm: like a crazy.

Before when i thought to you, you have made go crazy, and i just feel your arms around me, and now the soft punch in the stomach is the most beautiful thing that i can feel. 
We know perfectly that we are communicating in the highest form that the universe have given us, and we are exploiting of it at the maximum, even if sometimes we are feel overwhelming, but we love how it makes us feel. 
We have to throw away the air from the lungs. 
I shake the head, and i just still can’t believe that is happening tu us, but i have surrender myself, because is apparead once again that double number, and everything is turning so fast. 

I can perceive your arms around my belly, and Our Parallel  is tightening each other always more.
We can’t do anything about it, it’s so. 
Our connection is in the air, and we can feel it. 

We are united despute everything.


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