I was hearing the crowd that were going crazy for my Michelle and i was smiling proud of her. 
When the music have started to play i have only figured, how she have began her new number, and for how it have been the audience’ reaction, i have only thought that she had started great.
She was the greatest, and looking at the bathrobe that she had ordered to make to RedNeck, i have only could imagine what she had said: “I reccomend you, it have to being one of your best!”
And touching it with careful, i have could examine the fine particulars that RedNeck had inserted. 

When i have got up in front of the cupboard with the bathrobe in hand and i have put it on my shoulders, i have remained breathless, and the latest Michelle words have resounded in mind, and i have blushed. 
The fabric colour was always the same: the favourite of Michelle, and it  was so light, and along the bathrobe all the ostrich feather, that were the only things that were cover those parts that it had being covered but leaving the imagination to who was looking. 

I just was imaginaning you, when i would have wear. Your reaction, and my wish to feel your hand on that soft fabric that little by little, was going to uncover my body. 
In that corridor it was not passing nobody, and my temptation to wear it was great. 
Through that mirror i was imaging you behind me, who was slowly was touching my bare body below just that light white fabric and gently, you was making open the legs.
With the eyes closed, i was biting my lips with you in mind, but right after i got back in the reality when another burst of applause have filled the club, and it have made me wake from that dream. 

It was time to get back to the Cyclope in his anteroom. 
With the brown box below the arms, i have crossed the empty corridor and when  i got back in that small local, you was talking with Cyclope, but when i have entered, you both have stopped and have looked at me. 
I had still that dreamy face, and when i have met your glance i have blushed. 
I have tried to hid what i had figured in the dressing room, and maybe i was been capable, because you have stared at me asking: “Why are you blushing” and only few seconds later you have notice that brownish box. 

Cyclope knew well that box, and he have smiled, and not being able to hid what he wanted to say me, he have wink, and at his gesture, i have blushed more, but it have been so clever to don’t insist, and he have immediately changed speech, looking at you, he have returned on the menu that he would have brought us upstairs.
But when we were about to leave, it let escape an exclamation that already i have heard in the Michelle dressing room, and when i have looked at him i have shaked the head searching to don’t blush once again, but i have felt the cheeks burning, and my heart was exploding. 

When i have looked at Cyclope, he was blushing too, and i have could see, even because his greenish skin was becoming a bit yellowish, and to take off him from that embarassement that it was wrapping his big being, i have said: “The menu is so good, good choice Cyclope. How long is it will be ready?” 
Returning serious, Cyclope have made his own calculations and he have replied: “Let me think. Let’s say twentyfive minutes, at the latest 30 minutes. Is it good for you?”
I wanted replied menthally, but i knew that he coud not hear me, and so i have say: “Perfect, thank you!”

In meanwhile behind the drapery the music of the new show of Michelle was going crazy the audience, and without do it on porpouse, it was get exciting us, me more than you, and now that we were about to go upstairs, your curiosity was became stronger. 
When we have start to go upstairs, my mind have got back what i had figured in that dressing room, in front of that cupboard mirror, and when you have realized what there was in that box, you have sighed my name, and in the darkness of that stairs, you have came closer to me, taking that brown box from my hand, and when we have arrived in front to the door, you have turned me and you have kissed me passionately.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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