Your embrace

So, all of sudden. Sweet and your breathe around me, and our connection little by litte become strong. Our electric shocks are sweet but they are there that are crossing our minds.
The soft punch in the stomach is telling me that you are think to me, and i have to throw away all the air from the lungs.

I’m feeling you next to me, and your arms are tightening  my waist, and everything around is transforming in Our Parallel World, where we can feel our connection stronger. 
You can see my fingers are shaking on this keyboard, and i can hear your voice inside my soul, and everything is become more magic.

Despite we can feel each other, i can admit that in these two day i have missed you much, above all after picture. 
My heart is beating strong, and i know you can perceive it, and even your heart is beating strong.
I feel you and my mind is full of your emotions, and that glance is straight into mine is going me crazy, thinking that you have wanted me let me know that you had read that little message.

We are so close despite we are so far. I thinking of you and you are doing the same. 
I feel your closeness so tangible in this solitary room, where our souls are dancing our slow dance.
Your embrace is making itself always stronger. I sigh your name and i feel you are whispering mine.
You making me tremble inside.


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