I have smiled and i wanted caressed your face once again, ad delicately you have taken my hand, you have stared it for a bit, then you have kissed the palm, as if it was the hand of a princess. Then looking at me, you have repaeted me that phrase that nobody else had said me, and we have remained in silence, savouring that moment, before that everything got back to the normality, before that that magical bubble exploded.

When from downstairs, we have heard the Michelle voice giving the latest orders to the others, we have looked at each other, and we have decide to go down, making see the others that i was ok. 
Even if we wanted remained there, it was better to go. 
Making calculations i knew that that evening Michelle have would show another number, but i would have preferred stay with you in the anteroom, maybe at the same table of our  first meeting.
You had the idea to stay in bedroom. The idea wasn’t bad, on the contrary, it was an idea that i loved, and immediately after i have accepted, but before i wanted see Michelle. 

I was hearing her voice and in someway, i was missing my big friend. You have totally understand, and you have beckon, so after have put me something, you have accompanied me to the door, and have opened it. 
We have went down, and when i met the smiling glance of Cyclope, i have immediately said: “Thanks, yes i’m ok. I had need to rest”. Cyclope by now was got used to talk with through the mind, and when we have shy smiled i came closer to him, and looking at me around, i have looked him and without ask, he have replied: “She have went in her dressing room”.  I thanked him once again, while you have wanted waited in the anteroom on one of the stool in front to the long counter. 
Looking at me turning the corner, you have started to talk with Cyclope. 

I have could hear you say Cyclope that i wanted assure Michelle, but that we have would prefered eat in bedroom. 
Hearing Cyclope listing you what he have would prepared, i have smile, and  i directed myself toward the Michelle dressing room. 
I had no need to ask indications. That striptease was my second home, and when in the corridor i have met RedNeck, with his funny face, he have smile and he have indicated me that she was alone getting preparing herself for the show, and when he have passed me over, i have thanked him giving a pat on his shoulder.

We have shared a smile then RedNeck have saluted me going to the other side of dressing room. I knew he had helped Michelle for the last preparations, and i would find my friend lean of the chaiselong enveloped by one of he ostrich feather bathrobe, with the eyes close.
I had seen that scene milion of times, and i knew that i would better soft knock the door for don’t disturb her concentration.

Knocked the door, i have not enter immediately, i have just waited that she had opened the eyes and had looked toward the ajar door. I knew she was in a a semi state of trance, and before to talk i would have wait just a couple of seconds. And only when her glance have met mine, and only few seconds later, she have realized of who had in front, and slowly i have entered.
From a sleepy smile, her glance have became brighter, and i have smiled her, and only when her big body have got up, she was woke from that sort of trance, and she have looked at me squaring me piece by piece and going to close the door, she have sighed: “Love, how are you?”And she have made me sit next to her. She have wanted know how it went to the police. I shrugged.

But certainly, she didn’t wanted makes me remember those moments that i had delete, and when she have turned toward a cupboard full of her favourite ostrich feather bathrobes, she have pulled out a box, and she have gave it to me, and she have said: ” I think he will adore it!”
And those were her latest words, because RedNeck have knocked the door, and with his long neck he have inserted his red face, and just looking it Michelle, he have announced: “They are ready”, and when he have realized that i had in hand his box, at the Michelle words: “This time he have excedded himself”, RedNeck have blushed, and like have appeared, he gone, and my friend have followed him, not before to check herself in the mirror.

I have remained in the dressing room alone with that box in hand. For a bit i have stared it, and when i have opened i remained breathless, and in background the clapping of the audience that was going crazy for the Michelle’ entrance on stage.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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