It seems that

You have read my lttle message, and right after few minutes you have took this picture. 
When i seen it my heart have jolted, and from tonight our connection is stronger than ever. 
My head have competely going crazy when i seen this your picture, and i have looking for to end what i wanted write.

But my head was there with you, at that desk with our hands that were tightening strong below of it.
I’m sure that i went so. 
Our minds are in cointinuing communication. These electric shocks didn’t have stopped  since when you have posted this pic. 

With this you have wanted say me that you read each little messsage i send you. I’m throwing away all the air from the lungs, and i don’t want believe that is so… but it’s on black on white. Despite we are so far we are so close, and it’s the most beautiful thing that it can happened us. 
I just shaking the head, and my heart is beating so strong. 

And when i think to what it have happened, i can think that Our Parallel World is uniting us always more. 
I just think again… just few minutes i asked you to do many pictures…. this one. I just don’t want think about it, i can go crazy…. I thnk of you much.


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