You was still looking at me dazed, while i was came closer to you and wanted being embraced.
We have remained in silence for a bit, even if few sentences were crossing through our minds and we have answered.

Passed the fear of the interrogation, now we were asking ourselves what Jim had found, what that we had forgot to ask when we were in his office. Well,  when we were in the Jim office, it wasn’t a pleasure visit, on the contrary. 
Thinking again, despite was a comfortable office we wanted escape from there, and as soon we have had the opportunity we have did it, but now with the free mind, and the soul lighter, we have would wanted asked what he had found, and above all if he had found something particular. 

In someway, we both were missed that little apartment where we had found our real intimacy, but now we had to reprise everything from where we have been interrupted.
We have looked at each other, and with a sweet smile i have caressed your face, and throwing away the air from the lungs, i have asked: “It will be ready your car? This time i go with you!”
You have looked at me surprised, of how i have reprised the speech of several days, stopped from that brutal moment. You knew i had deleted it, making love few hours ago, but in the way you have looked at me, you was thinking how much brave i was to go on so quickly. 

We were still in bed and when i placed myself in front of you, i have placed your hands in mine, and without that you had started to talk, it have been me to speak.
“Being capabable to read the mind, it have been an advantage, but even a disadvantage. I have had  to learn to go on despite all. I was not like you see me now. Before  i was an insicure person. I have learnt from the best…. She also had  some beating, but look where she is now, and she had more beating than me. Now she is a rock. I have learnt much from Michelle. She have immediately understand what was my personal enemy: myself. 
She have made me understand it just after speech that we have done. She have said me: «Girl, if you want live you have to learn  to go on without think what the others thinks about you, it’s not your problem, it’s their.» Her words have been illuminating. Sure i wasn’t been capable to enter immediately in that logic. Michelle have been my by side for a long, but it have been very handful. The werewolf, now have died, and i have to go on, and now i want to enjoy everything with you”.

You was listening to me as if i was telling a fairytale. I have could dive myself in those blue eyes and find everything that i had not find yet. Even that small sparlke light it was giving me strength. 
I have could hear your heart that was beating like a crazy, and you have would could remain to listen to me for hours, but now it was me that was looking at you biting the lips.
Unconsciously i had created an atmosphere from which it was hard came out. 

For a bit you have remained in silence, then you have stared the hand that was holding your, and all of a sudden you have lifted the glance and our eyes have met, slowly you have sighed: “I have met many girls, but none of them have faced up to what you have faced. 
When  you have started to talk with me the first time, i have could perceive something that i never  felt in my life, and it have been overwhelmed, then i have met your glance and there i have understand that you have would chaged my life, and wow it have been so. Only of one thing i will be not capable to forgive myself…”

We both knew what it was, but when i have throw away the air from the lungs, i have whispered: “It had to happened. It’s over. Let’s forget it.” 
You have looked at me, and you have sighed how much extraordinary i was, and shyly i smiled, placing your hand on my chest. My heart was exploding. “


Listen to it🔉⤵




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