The more i look

At you, more i think that that connection between us existing really, and today have scared me a bit.
Despite you have wear the sunglasses, i have could see your eyes, but what it have scared me, it have been that i knew you was doing something else in the subsequent minutes, and our soft punch in the punch have growing till i have received your very first newletter . 

I knew that you was doing something else, and that is linking me to you. 
Our eletric shocks  aren’t stopped.I’m feeling your closeness so strong. In these minutes i can feel your arms around my belly, and you are tightening me strong to you. 
I have the head that little by little is exploding. My heart is beating like a jackhammer. I’m getting in confusion. 

We both know this is a unusual hour, but when i feel your closeness so close, you know it well, i have stop to what i do, and write you. 
I’m throwing away all the air from the lungs, because what have happened it’s the umpeenth proof, that we are connect each. 
How i could know that you would have write? And yet i knew it
Each day that is pass, Our connection is making itself stronger. 

I can feel your mind in communinication with mine. It’s from before that the soft punch in the stomach is tangling me, and i know, i’m sure that even you are throwing away the air from the lungs, and everything is concentring itself in Our Parallel World. 

It’s useless wants fight against a force bigger than us.  Our Parallel World is the place where we feel our souls united, and there is nothing and nobody that will can divide us. We have found ourselves in those little twin flames. We are united despite our distance, one soul in two bodies. One heart, one mind. One feeling. We are us.


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