And only when your lips have moved away from mine, i have looked at you, and biting those lips, have came closer to you and gently i have touched again your, and without realizing we have started again to kiss each other.
I have sighed your name a couple of times and you have understand that i had need to feel you more next to me.

So you have moved away those bedsheets from our bodies and delicately, you have began to caress me along my body, and those my legs have opening themselves, and only when your hands have touched my groin, i have closed the eyes and i just waited that you gently have opened more my legs, and delicately your hand had made that short  journey, and just when delicately, you have place your hand my panties, i have opened the eyes, and we have looked at each other. 

You have wanted waited an instant, then when i have took your hand, delicately moving the panties, my glance have became always more languid, and when you have feel the first drops coming out between my legs, you have looked at me, and a bit roughly, you have penetrated me.
Gently you have started to move that finger staring at me, and looking at that beauty that slowly i was spreading around in bedroom.

You was above me, and our breathes were merging one in another. Our lips were touching, but we have not kissing us.
At each your movement inside me, my breath seemed chocking, instead it was a beginning of a moan, and when those moans have became regular, you have began to being always more ruvid, and those panties that you had only moved away, were get annoy you and just when you have been capable to snatched them, you have looked at me, and you have found again the same glance of when you have snatched that white skirt. A glance full of passion and that wish to feel that penetration that it would have made me feel that shiver along the back. 

Our glances seemed dive one in the soul another, and only when you have realized that i was getting wet more, you have looked at me for a second straight into my eyes and sighing you have said: “I want directly savour your pleasure”, and you have reached down till the groin, licking all my body. 
When you have started to lick me with you tongue inside, your hands have stopped to my breast, and you have tightened my nipples. 

I was totally at your mercy. I knew that i was getting wet your mouth with those enjoyment drops that you was making me feel, and when that orgasm have arrived all of sudden, i have taken your head as if i wanted that you was awashed by my pleasure, and when i have reached the peak, you have feel the the small contractions making trembling my intimate lips for a long endless moment.

Slowly you have came back next to me, and caressing me, what you have seen  it was your girl reborn and that she was spreading once again her magical inner light, and in her glance you have could see that you have been capable to make her delete the latest fragment of that bad adventure, and now she wanted see only the future mirrored in your eyes. 
“Oh my, how much beautiful you are!” And so looking at me, you have carressing me once again along my body, and your hand have stopped among my legs, and you have could feel yet a small trembling, and so you have looked at me dazed. Those contractions were shaking me yet, and i was feeling pleasure yet.

Looking at me, you have throw away the air from the lungs and you have came closer and with still your hand among my legs, feeling that trembling, you have kissing me, and with that kiss, you have definitely swept away from my mind everything what i have passed alone with the werewolf, and only after, looking at you i have caressed your face reaching your tiny mole, i have thanked you.”



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