Here it is

Our connection and i can feel your soft  embrace around my belly, and outside the window, it have appared the blue tit. I’m sure that is signal from the universe and Our Parallel World is enveloping us each day is passing by. 

Our soft punch in the stomach is becoming stronger, and our electric shocks are always there. In communicatio one with another.
I shake the head always more. And now that i’m looking these blue eyes i can’t  hold back the breathe, and my eyes goes to see that your tiny mole, where i see Our Parallel World. 

I can perceive your perfume, despite you are far, and your embrace is always more delicate around my belly. 

And in thoise eyes i can perceive that thing you wanted say me from long time. The bright in your eyes, is something that makihng understan that you are understanding the meaning of my stones i have sent you, and you are comprehending deeply everything, and those few words i have wrote you have a new meaning.

My heart is beating strong, and i feel our minds are strongly connect. 
Let me dive in those two blue oceans, and let that our souls dance our slow dance.

For a bit i close the eyes, and i perceive you put my hand on your chest and you are sighing: “Do you feel it?” Yes i do. your heart is beating like mine. Like a jackhammer.
My fingers are shaking on this keyboard, while our minds are in continue communication. 
I can perceive your hands that are tightening me more to you. 

My head is exploding, and in these moments, we can feel our communication making itself stronger.
We have to throw away all the air from the lungs, and thinking to Our Parallel World that is lifting  around protecting us.


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