When Fletch have opened the door of the striptease club, with you, behind the first who have noticed our entrance, it have been Cyclope who have came immediately to help you, asking what was happened, but it have been Fletch to reply him, and immediately after, Cyclope got calm. 

When he have seen me so, he have thought that i was fainted, but Fletch have said: “I have immediately see her very tense when they have got inside the car. Then when they have came out, she have set herself free from everything, and right after in the car, she have collapsed by the tension. She’s ok. I don’t know from when she had these thoughts in minds. When she have came out she was another person, and what i have seen have been a total transformation.”

While he was explaining everything, Fletch was staring you and you have could only beckon, and while Fletch was continuing have arrived  Michelle who have stared you, and you in a sighed, have said her that i was ok, but i was collapsed for the tension, and she have looked at me sleeping in your arms, and when everybody have heard how they facts went, they have looked at you and Michelle have reccomended herself, to take me up in the bedroom, and as a good owner of that club have said everybody to don’t disturb us.

In silence everybody were looking at me, but in their minds, you have could hear their thoughts, and rougly they sounded so: ” It have to been so hard for her relive those brutal moments. Fortunately now it’s really over.”
Only Michelle have came closer to you and she have gave me a sweet caress on the face, and looking at you, she have said you: “Let her rest, and rest even you. In the bedroom next to the door there is a small button. It’s in communication with Cyclope. If you have need something, it’s enough that you push it, and he will come.”
Michelle have looked at Cyclope and the big beast nodded.
You have thanked everybody, but you have said: “I think we both will sleep. Today have been a heavy day. I want thank everybody, above all you Michelle to have organized this day, and i want thank Fletch in particular way. You have showed yourself one of the finest creature we have met”, and Fletch have crumpled his hat that he had in hand yet blushing in face.

But now Michelle have forced you to go upstair, and only with a shy smile, you with me among your arms have saluted everybody. Michelle have wanted you accompanied upstairs. She have would helped you open the door.
Only when you have entered in the bedroom, she have wishing you to sleep well, without wait that you have turned yourself and you could say her once again: “Thank for everything”. 
All that, for Michelle it was normal , and delicately she have closed the door. 

For a bit you have remained where Michelle havd left you.  You have looked at the room, and slowly you have came closer to the bed, and sweetly you have leaned me on the matress. 
Sweetly you have take me off the pants: the only thing that it would have give me annoy, and you have covered me with those soft white bedsheet. 

Looking at me sleeping, you have caressing me along my body, and after having assuring yourself that i was sleeping deeply, you got up, and going to the window, you have turned yourself, looking at the room, and despite it was first evening, there was the same moon effect, and you have remained breathless. 
That magic atmosphere didn’t have ever left that room.

Slowly even you have take off your pants and without woke me, you have put yourself inside bed.
You wanted stay next to me, searching to remove from my mind those latest fragment of that long a suffered deposition that i had given Jim.
I was settled myself by a side: the side of the window, and you have put your arm around my belly, and only when i have felt your delicate touch, i have sighed your name, and i have taken your arm and i have tightened myself more to you, and you have whisper my name, amd in your tone of voice, i have could perceive your sense of protection.

While you have came closer to me, your breath have enveloped all my being, and i have could only throw away all the air from the lungs, feeling your arms tightening me themselves more, and when you have sighed: “It’s over, really over”, i have turned and when our glance have dived one in another, delicately we have caressed our faces and slowly you have started to give me soft kisses on my ajar lips.”


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