I have to throw

Away the air from the lungs, because i’m feeling your closeness around, in this solitary room, and it’s very tangible.

Our connection is stronger each day is passing by. 
I want believe that even you are feeling these feelings that are overwhelming me each time i think you.
I’m feeling that sweet sensation of your armas around my belly, and looking at those your beautiful blue eyes, i dive myself inside inside that wonderful Our Parallel World, and i  belive you are perceive it too also in these minutes that i’m writing to you.

Our heads are turnening like two spinning top, and those electtri shiocks are crossing our minds, and that little blue tit bird is rouding around outside the window, and i’m sure that he is a little messanger of our connection. 

I leave ajar the mouth, because i know, if i close the eyes, i can feel your lips that delicately caressing mine, and i can feel more your arms tightening me toward you.
My heart is exploding, a looking at tha blue tit i have the perception that is another sign of the Our Parallel World that wants say us that we are each day more bonded more than ever, and i’m sure that it is happeneing even to you a thing similar to mine.

These signs are the mirror of which is happening to us . 
I’m thinking to you very much, and i have to throw away the air from the lungs.


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