When Jim have made us understand that he had noted everything what he wanted know, he got up and have opened the door of his office, and immediately that noise that we had almost forget, have entered, and it have made shaked us, above all me that i have jolted. 

I was still in a trance state for what i had told inside that office. You was looking at me, and you have took my hand, when we have came out, followed by Jim, who have been surrounded by many collegues who had need his signature to archive those reports, but with a  firm tone of voice, he have said: “They can wait yet others minutes! Let me accompany my friends! I arrive, one minute!”
He have looked at us rolling his eyes, making us that it was always so. 
We have shyly smiled.

Arrived to the heavy door, he have opened it through a button panel, after he have inserted a code, and we have came out. 
“I know, it have been hard, but with your deposition it will easier, and it will be faster for you enter in your apartment. I can promise we will  do quick. You have been brave. Thank Daria”, and with this he have saluted us. 

And when he have closed the door, we were already in that elevator, and you have pushed the button that was indicate «lobby». 
I have smiled you, then for those seconds that the elevator have brought us up, i have stared the void, with milion of thought that were chasing each other. You haven’t wanted interruped me. You have followed those thoughts without ask nothing. You knew i had to set free the mind, even  from the smallest and foolish thought, and looking at me, even with a bit embaressement, you have throw away the air from the lungs.

It have been me to make you jolted saying: “I have told Jim everything” and just few seconds that elevator have opened the door, you have looked at me aware of which i had relive, and sweetly you have sighed my name, and you have pulled me toward to you. 
When the elevator have opened the door you was about came closer to me to kiss my lips, but you have had not the time, because some creatures were waiting to enter. 
When we have came out from that box, we have seen the exit, and as soon we have seen our taxi driver who had noticed us, really fast on our faces it have printed a great smile, and now your hand was the most liberating thing that i was holding.

We wanted saluted the goofy doorman, but he was busy with another creatures who were asking informations, and he seemed in difficulty, so we have decided to let him, but it have been him to have notice us, and when the other creatures have left him, he have saluted us asking how it was went. 
My great smile have been the answer, and he have smiled us back, lifiting the thumb.
He had notice my mood change, and on his big face it have printed a sweet smile.

And only when we have left the building, i have could stopped me for a while, look at the sky, and throw away all the air from the lungs as latest gesture of that bad adventure.
You was next to me, and knew what i was feeling on those instants and the only thing you could and above all wanted, was see everything i was doing.
In those seconds i wanted  tasting each moment that the life was giving me.

You was looking at me with the eyes closed but always with your hand in mine, and even if i could not see you, i have could hear your heart that was beating so strong, and i have could hear your inner voice that was saying me one of the most sweet phrases that i had always wished to hear, and nobody had ever told me, and when our glance have met, you have sighed it to me.
I have shaked the head, and i have bite my lips, and menthally i have replied with the same sentence.

Only when the taxi driver have seen our glance merging one in another, have opened the car door, and gently have said: “I suppose that it went good” and when we have entered he have closed the door smiling, and he cameback inside the car at the wheel, and turning on the engine, you have prayed him to making us do a turn of the city.

We didn’t wanted comeback immediately to the striptease club. We wanted stay alone, but we wanted see the city, so we had said to the taxi driver to wander till we would have say him to taking us to the striptease.
Only when the car have started to go,you have invited me to lean on your chest, but just after few rounds, i have asleep, and just when you have realized, you have prayed the taxi driver to come back to the striptease. 
The taxi driver have looked at me through the rearview and in a sigh, he have said: “I can understand her. She was so tense, now she have set free everything. I take you immediately to Michelle”. 
You have thanked him wanting know his name.

“Fletch” he simply said, and as soon he arrived in front of the striptease club, he have opened the car door and he have helped you to get out with me in your arms. He have opened the wooden door and you have thanked him very much for everything. Fletch have take off the hat in sign of grateful, and leaving, he said that i had showed all my brave.”


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