I have looked at me around lost, and then i have looked at back and i have stared the taxi driver, as if i was looking another encouragement from him, and  with his scaly paws, he made me understand to go inside  and he have sighed: “It will goes fine” and he have sweetly smiled. 
Then we have shared a long glance, and together we have throw away the air from the lungs, and taking my hand, you have asked: “Are you ready?”

At that question  i didn’t know how reply. 
Everything what i wanted say Jim was printed in my mind, and even in those seconds i was repeating myself what i would have said, but looking at you the only answer that i have would say was : “Let’s escape!”
But i knew wasn’t possible, and in those seconds i wanted remember the latest intimate moment in that magical bedroom. Those feeling that you have made me feel they have got calm me, and staring those your blue eyes were the only thing that was relaxing me.
And only when i have looked at you one more time, i have said: “Let’s enter”.

That building seemed one of the oldest of the city, and  not to being a only a police department, it was really so decorated. The hall seemed that one of  a theatre, with big crystal lamps attached on the ceiling, and when we went to the  doorman to get information, the big creature seemed a bit goofy, but just after a couple of seconds, he have gave us the right indication to reach the police department. 

For what we have knew, that building was collecting several offices of the pubblic administration, not  only the police.
For better organization, the police department was located on the lower floor, and the doorman have indicated us an elevator and he have screamed us : “Floor – 1” and  you have thanked him. 
Eventually, that creature have looked at us with much curiosity. Nobody in city were went in that building asking to go directly to the police. Usually the inhabitants was calling, and someone went.

The exciment have grow, when we have entered in the elevator and you have pushed that botton. 
You have could hear my heart beating so strong, and when the door have opened, i have looked at you and you have tightened my hand more, and without say no words, youy have said: “Here we are, we can’t backward. A latest effort and we can get back in the Michelle’ room.” I have looked at you and on my tense face, have printed a shy smile. 

We were still in a small anteroom, and in front of us a big door. There was a sign there were written: “Please stop, look up”, only when have lifted up the glance, we have realized that there was a closed circuit video camera, and it was transmitting our faces at inside. 
After a couple of minutes that heavy door have been automatically opened, and with great surprise, immediately we have met Jim who was waiting for us behind of it.

Immediately he have asked me how i was doing, walking in front of us, he have been stopped by others his collegues to sign some documents, and when he have made us enter in his office, while he was closing the door, he stopped one of creature who was passing just there, and he  reccomended himself to not being disturbated in the next hour, and for a latest time have have looked the immense open office with those others creatures who were writing reports or were answering to the phone taking notes.

When he have closed the door of his office, the great noise of that big office have immediately disappeared, and he have made us sit in front of that great wooden desk, while he was taking someting to write. 
It was an usual thing for a policeman, but for me in those instants, it was like if he wanted  stolen my soul. 
I was lookin at each his moves, and only when he have get prepared himself, i have shared a glance with you, and you have taking my hand. 

Only when his reptile eyes have placed on me, he have beckon, but right after he have said: “Take all the time you have need”, but just after few seconds later, i have starting to telling what you already knew, and this time my story have been so linear, and only when i have looked at you, i was realized that you was hearing it for the very first time, and in you glance i have could see somenthing that looked like  dread, and only when i have described  your entrance and your promptness to react, i have could feel your hand tightening mine more, and when i have ended, you have sighed my name, and very slowly we both have turned, and we have looked at each other. 

Now that i had tell everything in someway, i was feeling set free from a heavy weight that i had till the werewolf had attached me.
You was looking at me yet. I have could feel your heart was about to splash out from your chest, and your glance didn’t wanted stick off from mine.

Sighing you was repeating my name, hoping really that one was the very latest time i had have to tell that story with those particulars that you have would not hear, and when our glance have met, i have immediately understand that, in those instants, it was you that wanted escaped away from that police department, and taking me away from that office. 
Only when Jim, have asked one latest thing for then noted it on his block note, he have looked at me and getting up, he have thanked me very much and he said that he would let us know when we have could enter again in my apartment. I have left him the striptease club number.”


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