When i seen that

Little Blue Tit outside my window, i have perceived your closeness more than ever.
He wanted enter inside the bedroom. 
My heart have started to beating so strong, and your closeness have been  so tangible in the air.
And now i feel your arms around my belly, and i can’t swallow. 

The soft punch in the stomach, is chocking me, and i have to throw away all the air from the lungs. 
I feel our connection stronger than ever. 
Your arms are tightening me toward you, and i can only stare you in this picture, and what i’m feeling is overwhelming me. 

I’m observing that little bird and some tears are falling from my face.
He want enter in the bedroom, as if he wanted say me something toward you. 
It never happened me a thing like this, feeling at the same something that chocking me the stomach.
Is another way of the Universe to say us we have always more in communication. 

I have gave him something to eat, and now he have  beating  the beak a couple of time against the window. Seemed thanked me. 
It will be  astrange thing, i can feel your closeness.
My head is exploding seeing him beating the window, i can perceive your heart beating like mine.
Is another sign of our connection?
I’m thinking to you and that little bird beating the window.

It’s when i came back in this solitary room that he makes me company, and in a someway i feel that is a connection with you.
I feel your arms around my belly, and those eyes straight into mine, and this my tiny new friend makes me feel more united to you

How many other signs the universe have to send us to makes us understand that we are destined to stay together. In this instant have appaered another double number. 
I looking at you in this picture and i can perceive you are thinking to me, as i do. 
Everything light and we know that is Our Parallel World, and everything is a magical signof our connection. 
I look at you and i feel you next to me in a strong way, and i see Our Parallel World in that your tiny mole. You and me there inside.



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