Inside the taxi we have remained in silence almost all the short journey that the car have traveled. 
The only things we have could feel have been our breathes that  have wrapped our beings, and your hand have tightened mine. 

I had the glance straight and it was looking at the street throught the windscreen, and i have could the taxi driver’s eyes throught the rearview, and what i have could see what only the curiosity of that creature, and he was trying to image who i was and why i had go to the police. 

His eyes were thin and only i have could imagine at which kind of species he belonging. 
From the only part of his bare skin  i have could  imagine he was a reptile. 
He was wearing a little black hat with  a rigid visor, and the rest of his body was covere by black uniform with some platelets attached on the shoulder of the uniform. and they were many. 
I have thought that Michelle had asked to the taxi’ company to bring us from the taxi driver more decorated, and therefore that one who would have not make no questions, practically  the more experienced than others. 

Occassionally he was looking at behind from the rearview. It seemed he didn’t was looking at us. It seemed it was an habit to see who he had behind, and when he was meeting my glance, immediately he was stick off it. 
Only few time, he have shared a serious glance with me and i have smiled him with the same seriousness. 
Michelle had done the right choice.

Even if it was a short journey, i wanted stay calm, maybe lost in my thought, collecting the lastet particulars of that day, even that one more insignificant have would could help Jim in his investigation, and in that travel, you have noticed that i was reliving those moments, even jumping back and forth, as if i was  in an editing room, but when you have seen  those images that have starts turning like a spinning top, at first you have took my hand delicately and in a sigh, you have said: “Please stop”, and you  have looked at me straight into my eyes, and when i held back the breath for then throw it away, i have understand that i was torturing myself.

I wanted that Jim had have all the informations of  which he had needed. But you have stopped me in time. 
“You can’t go crazy for a particular that you have forget. Jim will collect what you remember and i’m sure that it will be enough what you will say him. It will goes fine, don’t worry.” And you have smiled caressing my face. 
Only when  we have heardt for the very first time the voice of the taxi driver, we have have looked at each other. 

“If i can allow to say something. I image that the miss is a bit worry for what she will say to Jim. He’s one of the creatures most affable that i know. He have helped me months ago. Miss, you don’t have to have fear. Say him what you remember and Jim will do the rest. He will solve everything very soon. I excuse myself for the intrusion”.

We have looked at him through the rearview, and then we have looked at each other. We had appreciated his speech, and it have  been me to thank him. 
Maybe a voice out of the chorus, that didn’t know the story, it was what i wanted hear.
“Glad to have been a helping hand” and he have throw a glance in the rearview smiling, before to continue to check the street.
We have shyly smiled and you have tightening more the hand that you was keeping.
And when the taxi have slowly stopped, the taxi driver have announced that we were arrived, and as a real chaffeaur, have came to open the car door, and he have take off the hat he had on and he have said us that he would have waited outside.
Michelle had thought everything.

When we have came out from the taxi, we have looked at us around, and we have throw a glance to the big building in front of us. Then you have looked at me, taking me the hand and sighing:”Take courage and in short it would have ended.” I have shy smile, and staring at you, i have made the first step inside that police department.”


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