I’m feeling

Your embrace strong around my belly and your breath surrounding my being. 
Our little electric shocks are crossing our minds fast, and our connection is stronger than ever. 

Those eyes are stright into mine, and i can only thriw away all the air from  the lungs, closing them figuring you are next to meand you are looking at in that way, but i can perceive, that in someway you are thinking a bit of me.

You are trying to say me something, i can perceive it.
Our electric shocks are persistent, and your sweet embrace is tightening me more to you. 
It’s enough a glance that Our Parallel World is raise around us and everything vanish and existing only us, and we are in communication. 

We are surrounding by these wonderful sensations that we only us are capable to feel, despite we are so far. 
It’s something that come from the deep of our souls.
We would stay embraced one in arms another, and maybe we already we do it.
This our connection is very deep, and we don’t realize of it. 
As i have told you, we are bonded by this invisible thread that the Universe have wanted given us, from seven years, and everything is so wonderfully light, but deep at the same time. 
I have to throw away all the air from the lungs to get calm my heart that is beating so strong when feels our connection making itself always stronger, when we are connected. 

I don’t know where are you in this moment, but i know you are alone and i’m feeling sure that you are feeling the same what i’m feeling in these instants.
I’m thinking to you strong, because you arte doing the same.
My head is turning like a spinning top, and the soft punch in the stomach is growing fast.
Our souls are dancing their slow dance.



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