Looking at you, i knew that the time to get out from that bedroom have arrived.
We knew that we would left that bedroom with its magical atmosphere, and got back in the rough reality, and that i would have had to recollecting all those bad moments with the werewolf and reliving them for a latest time. 

We had not spoken, but we knew exactly what the other was thinking, expecially you. 
You was looking at me in silence, and what you was staring at it was a girl who wanted got back sooner to hid herself in between those walls, and feeling the warming of your arms.
You was reliving those moment with me, and when you have seen yourself in my mind, you have looked at me with wide eyes open, and came closer, you have tightened  my hands in your, and only when our glance have met, you have throw away the air from the lungs and in a sigh, you have said: “A latest effort and everything is really over. Remember my promise…”. 
I have stared you and shyly on my face, it have printed a small smile. 

I  wanted imagined that all that was only a dream, and that when i was wakening everything disappeared, instead it wasn’t.
You was looking at me waiting for that i made the first move, while the minutes were running fast.
My heart was beating like a jackhammer, and you have could hear it in the silence of those instants.
Slowly my glance toward your have changed, and in a quick joke, i have said: “Let’s prepare ourselves.” and so i jumped off the bed and taken my dresses, i went  behind the small door next the long bench to the opposite side of the bed.

You have looked at me entering in that small room with the swollen heart, and when you have hear that i have opened the water of the sink, you have looked at yourself around lost.
You have would preffered make escape me  from that, but it was a thing that it had to being made, and you knew it even you too.
You haven’t stick off the glance to that small corner of the bedroom, and only when you have heardt that i havd tuned off the water, you have tried to appear normal, but it could have see far a mile, that you was agited more than me.

Inside that tiny bathroom, i was staring myself through a small piece of glass that working  by mirror, and repeating that after that deposition at the police, i would could comeback to the normality, and passing the time with you.
When i have came out, we have shared a glance without say nothing. Only when you got up and have came closer to me, you have caressed me along the waist to stop you at my hips, and delicately you have pulled me toward you. Only when our foreheads have touched, you have sighed: “It will end sooner than we can imagine.”
And you moved a lock of hair in front of my face.

When we were about to open the door, we both have turned and that magical atmosphere seemed saying  that it have would waited for our return. Immediately, i have looked at you, and you have shyly nodded. 
I knew what you was thinking. You wanted hear what Jim have would say us, and what he had discover.

It seemed that we waiting for that that bedroom was chase us away, but naturally it haven’t happend. 
We have looked at each other and for the umpeenth time we have throw away the air from the lungs, and after a glance, it have been me to say: “Let’s go” and i have opened the door, and have came out, you have closed the door, putting the key in your coat’s pocket. 

I held back the breathe and i have started to go down those stairs, that at certain point they have seemed me endless, but it was just an illusion, and when at end i have seen the soft light of the striptease, i have stopped myself for a bit, and a familiar voice have asked how we had slept, i have recognized in her, my friend Michelle. 
I had only recognized her voice, but when i have go down more, her big silouhette was placed at end of the that stairs, and when i got used to the light, i have could recognize her face traits, and i have could smiled her. 
She have sweetly smiled to you and you have saluted her putting your finger on your forehead. 
When everybody got used to the light of the day, Michelle have accompanied us to the anteroom of her club, and she have offered something, before to go to the police.

We have sit one in front another, and we have not stick off our glance each other, and delicately you have took my hand in your. 
Michelle have placed next to the table, asking if i was ready, and that question was rightly directed to you who looking at me, you have replied: “We are bit nervous”, and you have shyly smiled staring at me, who didn’t wanted stick off the glance from the only who had the capacity to get calm me. 

I have tightened my hand in your, when Michelle have said: “I have called a taxi  to accompany you to Jim.” You have gently thanked her, and  without read your mind, immediately after she have said: “Whatever Jim will say you about the apartment, the bedroom upstairs is at your disposal”.
She knew me well, and she knew what i had need in those hours. 

Right after a static moment from outside a clacson have made everybody jolted, and right after, with my friend have shared a glance, and she have nodded, then immediately she have looked at you beckon, and sweetly you have taken my hand, and we have got up . Michelle have accompanied us outside and when we have closed the taxi’s door she have gave a double pat on the car and it have left.”


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