While i was

Talking about  you, i have could feel your embrace around my belly and our minds connecting each other.
Now that i’m here in our solitary room, i can perceive your closeness more than ever.
I’m throw away all the air from the lungs, and i can feel your sweet voice  inside my soul.

It is making beat strong  my heart, and im sure your heart is beating like mine. Our connection is like a twirl that making feel united even if we are far.

Our Parallel World it always more close, and we can feel it around us. Our small electric shocks are crossing our minds and we are communicating troutgh them. 
I can feel your sweet words, and you can perceive that i can’t swallow  as much i feel your closeness in these instants.  

Your arms  are tighetning me delicately strong, and i can perceive your: “Please don’t leave”
I throw away the air  from the lungs, and i can perceive your perfume. 
My heart is splashing out from the chest.  My fingers are shaking on this keboard, and i feel our mind more connected than ever.
I hear your voice inside my soul. 
You are in thesame situation of mine. You would escape and stay here with me, in Our Parallel World. How much i mis you, despite i feel your closeness strong, despite i feel your  arms around my belly, depite you making me feel close to you. I would stay with you too. 

Your arms are tightening me strong repeating that phrase. I’m shaking the head for what i’m feeling in these instants.  I’m looking at you, and i’m thinking  you, asking myself if even you are feeling these feeling that i’m feeling in these instants. My heart is exploding feeling your perfume around me. 
I close the eyes and con see you in front of me. I’m feel you.


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