You have stared me for a long istant then you have paid attention to the noises of of the city, and you was figuring what time it was.
I knew what you was was thinking, but i didn’t wanted moving myself from that bedroom, and those sensations were rounding inside me, and my glance was so languid.
You had understand that for let me move me away from that atmosphere, the only thing was to check outside that magical window, and so you have done, saying: “Let me check outside”

You have jumped off outside the bed and dressed only with the pants you went to the window, and you have remained muted from what you have seen.
The city was awoke itself from long time, but from that view it was remained  we had seen hours ago, and whispering my name you have wanted me see with my own eyes what you was seeing. 
From that window the time seemed have stopped, and the soft light of the moon was well visibile. 
Dazed we have looked at each other, and in a sigh i have said: “Surely Michelle will come to warn us when it will be the time to go down” and i have smiled you tightening you from behind.

When we had ended to make love, we have thougt to discover the magic of that room, and i have started to round around, but you had another idea to spend  the remaining time, and when i have got back toward the bed, you have elongated your arms and delicately you have pulled me toward you, making fallen on the matress. 
We  have smiled and with a sensual voice you have conviced me to stay  next to you. I had not need of many words to convicing me.
You had simply say: “Let this bedroom be magic, come to me”.

You wanted that i have passed the next hours in tranquility, knowing well that in the evening, we have would have to pass in the police for the deposition for Jim, and know what he had discover in the apartment. 
I knew that you wanted make me feel more comforable than ever, and when you have taken my hands, you have pulled toward you delicately and when you have looked at me, i don’t know how, you are been capable to make me blush. 

In that glance you have been capable to make me uncover that side that you was still didn’t know.
When i placed myself once on bed, we settled ourselves one next another, and delicately you have took my hand, and when i have started talk, you have remained in silence, looking at me as if you was looking at me for the very first time, and maybe what i was telling you i had not have told not even to Michelle.

Michelle knew that brave part of me: that one in which  i was stand up after each beating, but she didn’t know the other me, that one i was telling you. That one that i looked for to hid even to you till that moment.
I was looking at straight in to your eyes, and delicately i was telling you about all my defeats, and when i have found to being capable to read the mind. 

“At first i have believe it was only a coincedence, then inside the striptease club, i have wanted test myself with all my friends Michelle in first row then Cyclope and some waitresses, but when the rumors have came out from the club, each time i was came back in my apartment there were always  some creatures who joked me. Read the mind in this city is one of the most powerful thing  and any creatures of this city knows it, and that’s why little by little i have beeen put in a corner.
When i have discovered this ability, my friends, above all Michelle, have protected me. How can you explain to creatures that you will not ever use this power for a secondary purpose? It’s not possible. 
It’s been Michelle to advice me to wear big hat to hid my face. And after a couple time that some creatures had stopped me in street, Cyclope have said me that he would accompanied at home to being sure that nobody else creature have would annnoying. He would have made few meters more, and so with Michelle, we have decided to do so, till  when you have entered in the striptease.
Since when i have put my eyes on you, Cyclope have understand that you was that perfect one, and i have understand it too. Maybe because it was you the stranger,  and you didn’t know who i was.”

You listened to everything without breathing looking at my every nuance on my face.
You could see the bitterness when those creatures made fun of me, but also the gratitude and sense of belonging of that small group of creatures who had allowed a human being to be their friend and to defend.
You was about to say something, but someone have softly knocked the door, and after a questioning glance, a second knock have announced Michelle who was excusing herself, but she have went upstair to warning us that the time of the appointement with Jim was about to arrive. She have waited our reply. 

I was still surrounded by those emotions of what i had told you.  It have been you to reply her thanking her.
When we have heard that she was going down, we have looked at each other shyly smiling, and when you have throw away the air from the lungs,  you have caressed my face sighing how much special i was.”


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