That visualisation right after have notificated you on intagram, it have made beat the heart so strong, and i’m sure that was you, because it have been just few seconds after. 
Our connection is becoming always stronger. 
There is no minute that our minds are not connect each other, and those double numbers by now are a costant in our life. 

You are try to say me something and i feeling it each day is passing by.
Even in what i write each night, there is something true. 
By now,  we are connect in strong way, and even if we are so far each other, our souls have exceeded the limits of the universe, and something it says me that our dancing souls are taking form in these days.

In these days i’m sure that you are studying deeper the stones i’ve sent you, asking yourself: “How is it possible?”
I’m biting my lips, just at the thought of yesterday night, and my heart is beating so  strong, and in these seconds i feeling your embrace around my belly making itself always so delicately strong. 

And looking at you in this picture, your glance is piercing my being, and seeing that tiny mole i can see Our Parallel World making itself always a place where i want stay alone with you, and maybe already we are in. 
I throw away the air from the lungs thinking to that little flag of tonight, and i’m sure that was you.



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