I have remained for a bit among your arms to think what you had made me feel, and the only thing that i was hearing was your heart that was beating strong, and your arms were embracing me delicately as if i was the delicatest flower and you wanted protect it.

It seemed that the time in that room have stopped when we have entered in there for the first time, and maybe it was so. 
We could hear the noises of the city, but that room, have remained the same, and maybe the Michelle’regret were just because she had left one of the most magical room for  an usual aparment. 
And we were realizing that just in those seconds. 
That twilight in the middle of the day, it was so fascinating, and they were so magical even those soft draperies that at each blow of wind seemed dancing on our bodies half dressed. 

Michelle had not say nothing about the next day. What she had to know was that i had to rest and recovering me to being presentable in the evening at the police deparment to tell Jim what i was remember of that meeting with that beast. 

Before to leave us, Jim had pray me to present myself in the evening at his office, and we both knew it perfectly. 
And without have planning nothing, we have shared a malicious glance and inside of  it there all our intention to remain in that room and uncover all its magic.
Already, staying in that big bedroom was uncovering of our love, even in the smallest touch. 
We were talking menthally, and only when we were laughing our voices were audible. 
That morning not even we had breakfast. 
It was enough a glance, a smile, a caress to fill our souls of something that we, especially you, had fear to have lost.
But my smiles, glances have given you again that strong emotion that you had felt the first time our glances have met.

My sweet pungent smell was still in the air and you was still looking for it. 
Moments of full joy were well mixed with moment of real intimacy. 
Sometimes, delicately you have leaned me on matress keeping my hands up, and with the other, you was going to root around among  my legs, making yourself space with your desire, and some of your thrusts, have made me moan again, and our glances have met smiling. 

You had not on that ruvid shirt, but it was another one, but i have stared at it for a bit and i have touched it, making slide my hand inside, and slow it have fallen on you shoulders. 
From that little gesture, you have understand that we were still no longer playing, and from my glance you have comprehend that this time, it was me that i wanted you enjoy. 

Slowly, you have looked at me deeply and from a delicate thrust the second one have became more rough, and my glance didn’t wanted stick off from your, while i was biting my lips, looking to chock my moans, but only the first two i have been capable to hid them, while the third one, it have came out like a sensual scream and i have could  feel your reaction right after inside me. Your desire all sudden have became harder, and your thrust have prolonged for all my moan.

I was sighing: “Again, again” and now your moans were a incentive more to move me like a sensual creature below your body that was searching to dominate me. 
You wanted change position, and with only a glance and the quickest move, you have put me on knees and you have came behind me, and like below the streetlamp you have possessed me, taking a lock of hair, and making me enjoy penetrating me with the finger inside those lips tha were getting wet the bedsheet.
Only when you have feel my lips wet you have turned me, making lay on the matress, and i have been at your mercy. 

Just one second before you have penetrated me once again, we have looked at each other, and i have sighed : “I want you!” and you haven’t wait a second. Your desire, by now, a baton have slided easily once inside me. 
Your desire was playing with my most intimate part, and when we have looked at each other breathless, we knew that we were about the orgasm at same instant. 
You have wanted crossing your fingers with mine, and we have tighened them, and at the same moment we have moaning, feeling our fluids merging one in another, and our conctractions that were fight each other, and at end, it have been you have give up, leaving yourself tightening from mine. 

You was above me, and  you have let end my contractions. You was looking at me in that state of blissful, and when i have met your glance you have smiled me delicately, and then you have placed next throwing away the air from the lungs. 
We have no say a word for a bit, then  you have sighed: “I really didn’t hope that…”

I have looked at you while you was talking in silence, and immediately after i have put my finger on your mouth, and my eyes have dived into your and i have sighed: “No werewolf have would could destroy what is beteween us, it’s something that goes beyond anything”.
I have looked at you, taking your hand making it to slide along my body. You have stared me speechless.”


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