You have assured yourself that i was sleeping again when you have decided to close the eyes. 
You have tightened me to you and after few minutes you have asleep too.
We had slept so deeply, and  we were chasing each other in our own dreams.
We have sleeping alot, but the first who have woke, it have been you.

The city was already woke, and  its unmistakable noises were audible through the window.
You have jolted for a clackson, but when you have opened the eyes, you have noticed a strange thing.
Despite the noises outside recalling a city in movements, inside that room everything seemed how we have left few hours ago. In the twilight of the moon, and that soft light still wrapped the room. 
I was still sleeping next you. You have looked at me for a moment, then you have throw away the air from the lungs, and your hands have started to caress me delicately along all my body.

I have sighed your name, and you have called me back so sweet that it seemed to being in a dream. 
I had still the eyes closed, but in someways  i was awakening myself. 
Your hands were sweetly touching my breast, my chest, my belly and they have stopped  at my hips.
You have placed yourself next to me, and you was assisting to the sensual wakening. 
When your hand have began to caress again my belly to pass to the groin, i have sighed your name, and for the first time i have opened the eyes, and our glances have met. 
We have not smiled, we have just looked at each other. Our heart have began to beat quicker, and only when your glance have moved away from mine to see where the hand would be ended, i have bite my lips, and very slow, i made you understand that would been you to open my legs, and so you have looked at me straight into my eyes, when you have began to caress my legs for moved aside. 

You have done it very slow, and at each centimetre that you was moving away my leg, it was a glance of who was asking the permission. 
I wasn’t say nothing, but the only thing i wanted feel it was that slow movement, and when you have stopped, our glance have met again, and slowly your hand have began to mapping my inner thigh, till arrive in that small zone, that very fast it was getting wet, and only when i have feel your finger softly touch my intimate lips, i have hold back the breathe a couple of times. 

You have looked at me, and came closer, you have sweetly kissed me, while your finger delicately penetrating me, and slow you have began move it inside, while my breathe have became more a moan, and my body have started to moving below your kisses and your penetration. 

Delicately my smell have wrapped the room, and when you have started feeling it, you have sighed my name several times. 
Our glances didn’t wanted stick off one for another. Your finger was moving always faster and you have realized that i was about to reach my first orgasm after that bad adventure, when from my open mouth  didn’t have came out no moans, and my eyes were about to close, and only few instants after my intimate lips have hold back your finger in a myriad of contractions and my fluid have awashed it.

I was enjoying, and you was looking at me blooming once again. My contractions seemed had no end, when almost unconsciosly, you have restarted moving your finger and just after few seconds later, one my moan was announcing the second one.
When, i have reprised breathe, i have opened the eyes and  my contractions were still vibrating inside my body, and your glance was staring me, as if you was looking at the most beautiful creature of that world and right after you have sighed: “I would  look at you so for hours. When you enjoying, you spread a magical light. You enchant me.”
I was hearing your words in that limbo that you had created, and only with the force of the mind, i have replied you, caressing your face, whispering only your name.

You had not move away  your hand from my intimate part, and only when i have took it, i have wanted sniffed your finger, and only after i have licked it sensually, you have looked at me speechless, and in that glance you have understand that in those two instants that you had made me feel, i had deleted that bad moment alone with that werewolf.
To turn page definitely, you have kissed me again, and then we got back to look at us around in that magical room.”


Listen to it 🔉⤵




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