When you have realized that i was asleep, ou have tightened me more to you and that promise that i have read in your mind resounding in the air like an enchament, and its sound have wrapped us.
You have closed the eyes, but you was careful at each my jolted, and with your soft voice, you was assuring me, that everything was over end, unconsciously at each your phrase, i was tightening myself always to you, and ocassionally, i have sighed your name, and you was replying me softly tocuhing me delicately my body. 

That night, you have been my body guard, and you have looked at me sleeping, reprising myself from that bad experience. 
You have thought to the Michelle words that she had told you, and more those words resounding in your mind, more you was looking at me, and your heart have started to beat  always stronger.
You don’t know how many times you have hold back the breathe for the throw it away from the lungs.

You still didn’t know my whole story, but from what Michelle had told, you had understand that i have been put in corner many times, but i always been arise myself stronger than before, but only when i have met the real love, i have show my weak side, and there that the werewolf have took advantage, and he have almost got violented me. At only this thought, your heart was going crazy, but you have tried to remove that bad image that you had in your mind since when you and Cylope have arrived in the apartment.

The scenario that was presenting when you have stopped in the threshold was hard to remove. That image of me tied up in that chair with that snatched delicate shirt from where it could see my nipples and the snatched skirt that was showing my intimate parts  that were getting wet by those of the werewolf and the rough moan of that lousy animal who was about to penetrated me with that dirty dick, they have making you feel more protective toward me than ever.

And looking at me sleeping more calmer between your arms and with the face lean on your chest, you have caressed me sweetly, and with those thought that slowly have gone, finally you have could close the eyes. 
And i have could perceived that after  a long afternoon, you was get relaxing, and after that you breathe have became a bit more heavy, i have could hear your heart getting calm. 
We both had to relaxing ourselves, and that bedroom was the perfect one.

Occasionally our names were chasing in the air, and our hands tightening themselves stronger.
Slowly we were founding again our smell, and that magical atmosphere was creating itself once again.
I was totally removing from my mind those bad moments and i was replacing them with those that i was living in those moments among your arms.
My mind was reliving those beautiful moments spent together, and it was making me live new sensations. 

One image that have made me woke that desire almost killed by that werewolf, have been that your dirty shirt of my pleasure, and in my mind i was capable to hear its rough rustle, and maybe that ruvid rustle it have made me totally forget those few bad instants in company of that werewolf.
I have sighed your name for the milionth times, and you have delicately tightned me to you. 
Your skin’ perfume was the only thing that i wanted feel in the twilight of the bedroom, where the fluttering of those drapreries were sensual caresses on our bodies that wakening our sweet senses.

For a bit  i have opened the eyes, hoping that that dream which Michelle had made us immersed wasn’t vanished and when seen still that small room, i have sweetly hold back the breathe, and immediately i have lifted the face toward you, and with wonder, i have seen you was wake. 
We have not shared thoughts,  but the answer  was legible in that tender glance.
You had rest yourself only the time of which you had need, but for the rest of the night you had watched over me, but delicately you have said: “It’s still soon, sleep a bit more, you have need to rest, i stay with you. I don’t move myself. 
Staying like this, it’s the most beautiful thing that i can ask.”

I have looked at you speechless. I didn’t have say nothing, and i have leaned myself on you, and i have caressed your chest, and delicately we have spoken through the mind, till i have asleep again, and when you have realized that i was sleeping, you have sighed my name, and after few minutes after even you have closed the eyes.”


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