After have gave new orders to the waitress who had served us, she have have accompanied us  toward a back door of the sriptease and in silence we have followed her.
Despite i knew her well, she ever hadn’t talk me about this her mini apartment, and maybe she had her own reasons. 
But who have not a bit of secrets in own life?

When have we went uptstairs, we have have shared a glance full of questions, and when just Michelle have stopped in front to a door, she have turned and she have confessed us everything. 

“I didn’t ever talk about of it, because here  i have passed my first days in this city. The old owner of the this club was renting room and before to find my aparment i lived in this  spartan room, as you will see, there is only a big bedroom and few furniture, but the only thing wonderful thing is the window, it opening in a never seen part of the city. When you overlooking through the window, it seem to live in a dream.”
When she have described all that before to open the door, it seemed that she had some regrets, but when she have turned toward us, everything have vanished, and she have smiled us, and she have let us enter. 

She have looked inside, and when she have seen the moonlight through the window, she have whispered: “Isn’t  a beauty?” and have smiled us and wishing us goodnight, she have left the key on the small forniture next, closing the door behind her big shoulders. 
She hadn’t turned on the light, and she have left us in the middle of that room dazed.
It was like she had described . A dream made by fluttered white curtain that were hiding another soft white draperies, and these were next to the window. 

It seemed to stay in a white soft cloud. Everything was fluttering and that pale blue light was entering in that room, and only when we have came closer to window, we have understand because she have kept it all for herself.
It had something magical that not even we weren’t been capable comprehend.
We were looking at everything with careful. Even us wanted mantain that sort of magic and also if we had detected where was the light’ switch,  we have remained fascinated by all that. 

The window seemed being the main thing of that room, and when have came closer to it we have remained enchanted by the view that that window was offering us. At our left side there was a small green and white wooden forniture, and to the opposite side a sort of bench with a long blue cushion, and at end of  that long bench, another door, and we have thought it was the bathroom. We didn’t went to verified.

Michelle have left us enter in her dream, and we didn’t wanted interrupt it.  
Only when  a blow of wind stronger have entered, we have intuited where was the big bed. 
Below the others soft draperies, and  after have  paid more attention, we have understand that that big bed was covered by a baldaquin, and all that fluttering were its draperies.
It seemed that we had reached the peace of our senses when we have looked at each other.

From behind, you have turned me, and my glance have dived itself into your, while i was placing one my hand on your chest.  
You have whispered my name, as if it was the very first time, and your heart have began to beat faster, and when our breathes have merging  one in another, everything have happened in the previous hours seemed disappear. 
You have touched my arms, and one seconds later one of my shoulder’strap of my tank top have fallen on my arm. 

We both wanted remove all that, making love, but we knew that it would not be the same. We knew that if we would, was only to send the werewolf in the deeper hell, and cerain it wasn’ like this that we wanted do it, with the angry inside, on the contrary. 
You have looked at me deeply and taking my hand, you have accompanied to the corner of the bed and sweetly, after you have sat, you have let me sit next.

After a long minute of silence, you sighed: “Let’s lay” and always after you, i have lay myself among your arms, and when you have whispered my name, i have lifted my face and our glance have dived one in another. 
You have throw away the air from the lungs and sweetly your lips have caressed mine, while you have caressed my skin. Then we have looked at each other and we both have throw away all the air from the lungs. 
In the silence of the bedroom our hearts were beating like two crazies. 
Sweetly wrapped by our breathes, we have asleep. 
“I don’t leave you no more” was your promise that i have could read in your mind.
Delicately i have caressed your face till to reach your tiny mole.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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