Only when we have met her glance  we have freely smiled, while she was making us enter and asking to the other waitress to prepare us something to drink, and she have accompanied us to a table: the same where we have met  for the first time, and while worried, she have asked me how i was, she was examing me deeper, and i could not lie to her more than that.

She knew me more than myself, and sitting next to you, i have looked at her straight into her wonderful green eyes, and after  have looked at you for a bit, i have throw away all the air from the lungs, and then i have sighed: “If they were haven’t came in time, i was sure he got violent me, and  everything would vanished in one second…” i haven’t explained her what i wanted say in that latest sentence, because i knew she have would understand immediately, and only after a second i have throw a glance on that piece of cloth that i had  folded in my hands, she have looked at it with much curiosity, but my blushing had explained everything.

It was useless add else, and she have smiled me as if nothing have happened.
In all that, you have looked at us with a sense of guilt, and delicately you have took my hand, and after have throw away a bit of air from the lungs, you have looked at me, saying: “If it wasn’t for Michelle, now i don’t know what it would have happened, and i don’t want neither think of it. In someways, i’m feeling in guilt. I didn’t have would have to leave you alone, after everything what we had done. I would have had to conviced you to come with me….”
You have would wanted continue  speak. You have would wanted take off that heavy weight that it was hammering your head, and you was making see through your blue eyes, and despite there was the big Michelle in front of us, in those seconds, our magical bubble had wrapped us inside.

I have could feel your heart beating like a jackhammer, and those eyes were atoning all your sorry.
Even if i had risked the life, looking at you, i was feeling the most loved girl in the world, and when we have throw away the air from the lungs unison, it seemed what have happened few hours ago in my apartment was just a nightmare.
To break that atmosphere have been Michelle, who was still at our table saying: “The guy have to learn still to use well the ability that you have gave him”. 
We didn’t wanted stick off our glance one from another, but one by one, we have replied her.
The first it have been me who have spoken: “Maybe it have been my guilt to send him away without have teach him some important points. We have been enveloped by these newest emotions that i will have never forget it.”

It was useless say Michelle that those new emotions were how we had made love. That snatched piece of soft cloth was the only one witness of those crazy hours spent together.
And while you was listening to me speaking with my friend, you have delicately pulled me toward you, and when you have embraced me tight, you have sighed: “From now on we will do everything together.” and looking at Michelle you have continued: “Maybe it have been my furious to moved in your aparment,  that i didn’t have thought what it would have happened….only thank to you Michelle i have warned something wrong, and i have arrived in time. My love, i will not leave you never more alone, i promise it to you.”

Michelle had heardt those words wide mouth open, and when your glances have met, he gaze fom serious was melt itself, and she have delicately nodded you. 
“Daria is the most bravest girl i have met. She have face up to many difficulties in her life, and from when have been put in a corner for her ability to read the mind, she have put herself more in game. She have wanted demonstrate to everybody that despite she was looked like a kind a witch, she went on and she have buildt a life, and she went on. She have stopped herself only when you have entered in this striptease club asking about a car mechanic. 
Cyclope, my third eyes, have seen well. In those sacarstics jokes, he have understand well that you had hits her.
Despite her detached aspect, she is the most sensitive human being i have ever met, and maybe there is no need that i say it, she even the most passionate”. 

I was listening to her words while my heart was about to splash out from my chest. You was perceiving it, and below the table you have tightening my hand. 
In my mind was retracing everything what she was tellling you, and my heart have stopped, when she have said you the latest sentence, and my low glance glance have placed itself among your legs, and when she have underlined «passionate», i have seen an immediate reaction among those creases of the trousers, and i have blushed, feeling your arms tightening me stronger to you.

Sweetly i have lifted my glance and at end our glances have met. My cheeks were still red, and when we have looked at Michelle, she have said that she would have accompanied us upstairs in a mini apartment that she usually used when she was very tired to return in her aparment.
She have looked at us, smiling. She wasn’t a witch, but she knew that among those wall, we have would found again our intimacy that that werewolf would have wanted stolen us.”



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