I feel your head lean itself on my neck, and in silence you are embracice me from behind, while your breathe is enveloping me sweetly. 

I’m biting my lips, because i’m feeling your thoughts crossing fast in our minds, and they are making beating strong the heart. 
I can feel your skin against mine, and it’s so fresh and sweet.
Looking at at you in this picture i don’t able to think about what i sent you. 

They are passed two months, and now you are in Melbourne. I don’t know where you have placed my parcel, but i want think you have put it in a place where you can see our stones daily. 
At only the thought i can’t swallow, and my heart beats like a crazy.

I still feel your face against mine, and it’s a delicate sensation. 
You are sweetly smiling, and delicately you are tightening my hips against you.
Slowly Our Parallel World is lifting around us, and existing only us. 
I can perceive, even your heart is beating  strong, and in someway, we are imagining the same situation, that’s why we are throwing away all the air from the lungs, and our soft punch in the stomach is becoming stronger.

Those eyes straight into mine, will making go crazy. I’m biting my lips, figuring when one day we couild communicate without problems. 
I wait that day. In meanwhile i smiling diving myself in those blue eyes.


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