Cyclope  have came closer to us and for how much he could smiling, he have mumbling something that it looked like: “Are we ready?” 
And throwing away all the air from the lungs, you have looked at me straight into my eyes and we have nodded. 
We were about to leave the apartment, when in the atrium of the building we have met Jim with his police team, ready to take over the eventual foot prints and other things that have could be useful to comprehend more what was happened in those instants.

We weren’t surprised to see him, and even  without our abilities, we have intuited that it was been Michelle to sent  the police with Jim in lead to check everything was ok. And it have been Jim to give us the confirmation of all that. 
He have smiled us nodding, and i have hold back the breathe, and i have give him back the smile, and i have sigh: “She’s the number one!”
“She have called us, immmediately after that you have left the striptease club, and she have told me everything. How are you Daria?”

I didn’t want say what you, already knew, so i have said only that it have been a lucky that you have arrived just few minutes before that he got violent me. Jim have looked at me with that glance of who didn’t what to say, but, i knew what was running his mind, and they were thoughts of who was trying to catch him from long time, but only thank to a brave gesture of citizen of that city, it have been stopped, and everybody have looked at you, who in silent was reading the minds of everybody, and delicately, you was smiling, even because you was only a passing- by, in love of that girl that everybdy were looking at. 

You could perceive my heart that was beating like a crazy, and slow you have came closer, and tightening my hand, you have said: “Let ourselves Jim does his work…” and after a quick glance with the thin reptile, you have came closer to him and you have sighed: “Please don’t revolutionize much this aparment more than necessary…” and you have throw a glimpse to the investigator who was already, sniffing the air, and after a couple of seconds, he have understand what you wanted mean in that latest sentence, and after a double pat on your shoulders have winkled you. 

After that little reccomandation, you have came to me and you have take my hand and together, we have came out  where the other inhabitants of the building had filled the atrium, and looking at me have started mumbling.  And those mumbles were collecting another adjectves to describe my being, and they haven’t  liked to you, and you have throw  some glances to those creatures and they have give you back the same glance with which they were looking at me, and you have read some thoughts of those creatures. They were thinking: “She have betwitched him. Look at him”.  

I knew that you was about to reply, that’s why i have stopped you before, making you understand that it would been useless. Some creatures were more ottuse than human beings, but for fortunately they could being counted on the fingers of one hand, but unfortunately i was ended in a building where the percentage was high.
I have shared a glance, and tightened your hand, i have sighed: “Don’t waste your time with these creatures. They don’t see beside their nose. Let’s go to Michelle. She will have get prepared something for making us feel more comfortable.” 
I have smiled you, and sweetly you have nodded, and leaving that atrium, for the latest time you have  looked at one by one those creatures, and however, you have wanted say then what you was thinking about me. But you have done it in silence. 

We both knew that in that city i was the only being capable to read the mind was me, and  i knew that those words were for those creatures, and that your wish was to screaming them aloud, but moving ourselves away from that building, you have said those words like a karma, and what i have heardt it have made me stop the heart. 
Just when we have stopped in front to the striptease club, you have tightened my hands in your,  looking at straight into my eyes, you have place my hand on your chest, and those words seemed have wrapped us inside that magical bubble that slowy, we had created in those hours staying always together.

Only when Michelle have came to open the wooden door, we have shared a glance and we have throw away all the air from the lungs, and we have said us that bad adventure it was over. Smiling her, we entered.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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