Cleaned everything, Cyclope have coughed  to being noticed by us, who were still still talking thorugh the mind, and when we have met his big face with a sweet smile, he have said us that it was better go to the striptease and stay in company. 
You have looked at him, and nodding you have turned yourself toward me, and in a sweet sigh, you have said: “He have right. it’s better leave the aparment for a bit. For sure Michelle will host us for the time of which we will we have need. Thank Cyclope for  what you have done.” 

Without realizing that the apartment was got back as before, maybe brighter, I have looked at Cyclope and i have elongated my little hand toward his, and he have came closer to us, and  on his big face it have printed a grimace. 
Keeping my hand in his, he have repeated what he have said us, but now he was waiting for my reply, but even without the answer, he knew perfectly that he had right. 

He have looked at me once again, but he didn’t have said nothing, on the contrary, he have been patient, and from your hand  he have took the glass and in silence, he have brought it in the kitchenette, and very slow he have cleaned it, while he was listening to you who was sweetly speaking to me.
I had to take some clothes and a small bag. I had to brought away the few necessary to stay away a couple of days out.
I knew that Jim would have done all the investigations, and he would have enter in the apartement to see how it was went.

“Don’t worry this time, for real i will not leave you not even for a minute” You had read my mind and in those seconds, you have could perceive a bit of fear. In those seconds all that was passing in my mind were those sweet moments passed with you they would be swept away, and all the passion that we had felt, would be vanish in the exact moment in which the police would entered. 
Cyclope was still in the kitchenette . He knew that for me those next seconds would have been the harder, and even if he had just one eye with that one he could see many things. 

I had still that white skirt on, and whispering, you was telling me to taking me off it touching it very delicately.
It was rapresenting even for you something special, but it was time to throw it away. 
Delicately you got up and you have helped to stand me up. 
When you had took that shirt from the wardrobe, you had seen a bag. You have accompanied me  to the door of the bathroom, and when i entered you have said, you have would take some clothes and put in the bag.

I have close the door and when i have remained alone, i have placed myself in front of the mirror above the sink.
I have looked at myself inside that small mirror, and the latest image have been you while you was tasting my enjoyment, and this sweet one picture was mixing with that one of the werewolf who was slamming me on the floor with that skirt that was fluttered everywhere, leaving me the bare legs and well open, and me ready to being violented.
Despite there was not been sexual violence, i have could feel his bitter smell on my skin.
I have close the eyes, and for a moment i have tried remember our smell, and for a milionth of second that pungent smell have wrappedd me. 
I have tried to hold back it in my nostril, but like arrived, it gone away.

I have opened the eyes once again, and have tried to remove those minutes from my mind, but i wasn’t capable to. 
The smell of that werewolf looked like of a burn branches. That smell that till the fire isn’t turned off, it’s in the air, and cover all the others smells, and it was covering even our smell. 
Looking at inside that mirror, i was reasoning on what Cyclope had said and you had reprised right after.
I threw away the air from the lungs, and i have looked at myself.
By now, that delicate and soft shirt was been ruined by those rough paws of that werewolf, and examing deeper my breast, he have left some small scratches, but they weren’t nothing serious. It was not even came out the blood, but when i have cleaned them, on my face have printed a grimace of pain. 

I have throw away the shirt in the bin, and right after my glance have placed on that snatched white skirt. 
I have immediately thought when you have snatched it, and i have hold back the breathe. If i was focus, i have could perfectly hear the noise of that sensual snatching, and when that snatched skirt have fallen on my legs i have remembered  of your hands in the middle of my inner thighs.
Looking at me inside the mirror i have bite my lips, and very slow i have taken off it from my waist.

When i have kept it  in my hand, it have been like retrace all those events till arrive to those minutes before you and Cyclope have came. I have looked at it for a latest time and with a big breathe, i have throw it even her in the bin.
With that gesture it seemed  me to have throw away all those sweet moments with you. 
I was thinking it, and i knew that you was reading my mind. You was leaving me vent, and  in someways, i knew you was comprehending me, and when behind closed door, i have heardt your voice sighing: “Don’t throw it away”, shyly i have smiled, and looking at me  for a bit in the mirror, i have folded it  in my hands, and i have came out.

When our glances have met, gently you have passed me the new dresses to wear, and after few minutes, we both have called Cyclope who was still in the kitchenette, far from those delicate moments among us.”


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