When with Cyclope, you have entered in the building, you have found our door on the floor, in few seconds in your mind, you have seen the scene, of when the werewolf have pulled down down the door, and your heart have started to beat strong. 
For a second that have lasted an eternity, you have stared that scene breathless.

I was still thinking to everything we had done in those hours, and for sure i didn’t wanted take off that snatched white soft skirt, because in someways, it reminded me your passion, and i wanted feel those rustles among my legs, and each time i was placing my eyes on that skirt, i wanted remember the violence mixed with the passion when you have snatched it. In someways, i was still wrapped by those sensual but so violent gestures, you had made me feel, and that skirt was represent all that.

I was still where you had left me. With the hands lean on the table and i was thinking on what to do. 
I had decide to go bathroom, when someone have  knocked the door. Lost in thought, i have thought that was you, and still  scantily dressed, i have opened the door and instead to see you, i have met the wereworlf who for a milionth of second, he have squared me, and when he have seen me like how i was wear he didn’t have thought much, and he entered taking me for the neck bringing me back, while he was looking at me straight into my scared glance, he have lifted the skirt, and with the furry paws, roughly, he have touched my legs till arrive in inner thighs.

His glance didn’t wanted stick off from mine, and in those eyes i was understanding that he was starting to enjoy himself. The few saliva that he had to the side of the mouth, was about to fallen, but he have been capable to hold back it, till he have have brought me toward the kitchenette where there were the only chair in which he wanted me sat.

Wildly he have took one of those chair and he have placed it in the middle of that small space, and he have slammed me on it.
From his large pants, he had pulled out a rope, and he have started to tie me up. 
His thoughts were so fast to being read, but what he wanted do,it was well legible among his paws, and now those large pants, all of sudden, have became tight, and some drops of his enjoyment, already getting wet them. 
He had me even corked the mouth with a dirty piece of cloth that he had in one of the pocket of those his pants, and when he have inserted me that cloth in mouth, he have bended himself in front of me, and with that raspy voice, he said: “I want see you enjoy like  below that streetlamp. I want hear you moaning more. Wait to see my dick, and those drops will come out immediately.”
I have looked for to untie myself, but it have been useless.
My glance was straight into the werewolf , while he was ending to snacth the shirt i had on, and now those buttons that very delicately you had fastened, they were jumped off, now my nipples were the only thing that the animal was staring, while he was taking off the pants.

He have came closer to me, and while that his part was becoming something incredible big, he made me fallen with the chair backward, and with the legs up and open, i have could not do nothing, just close the eyes and wait that he had end.
Few minutes after he have untied me, and slamming me on the floor, while he was about to penetrated me, my glance have moved away from that brutal sexual violence, i have could see you on threshold of the door and Cyclope behind.

You have ran toward the werewolf and you have attacked him, using everything you what was passing in mind.
Only when Cyclope have passed you a knife, you have wounded him just below the belly, and  the blood have started come out really fast.
Ascertained that the werewolf could not move, you have ran to me and you have helped me. 
You have covered my bare body with your black coat, and without think that you could talk in silence, you have asked: “How are you?” 
I have only nodded, while you was touching me assuring yourself that i had not none wound, and he had not got hurts me. 
 For a bit Cyclope have been in a corner in silence, but after he had heard that i was ok, he have directed himself in the kitchenette, and without ask nothing, he have took a glass and he have filled it with simple sink water bringing it to me.

You have brought me at the sofa, and delicately you was keeping my shaking hands. 
Standing still, Cyclope was looking at that tender scene, slowly from that big creature he was, he have vanished, starting to clean that mess that was around in that room. 

Beside wild exciment of that werewolf, he had sniffed our smell and it was that one of a couple that was loving each other alot, and further it was a sweet smell, and while he was cleaning that blood, he was looking at us talking in silence. 
He wasn’t able to read the mind, but the only thing that he was comprehending, how much delicateness there was in those glances that we were sharing each other.
Immediately, he stick off the glance from that scene, and almost shaming himself, he got focused on that body without life and the blood around.”


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