Here it is

Your embrace around my belly, and i’m looking at myself around, and i see in this solitary little room, our  aparment in my tale.
I’m throwing away all the air from the lungs. 

I can feel your eyes set on mine, and everything get back in mind. 
Those sensations are more vivid and our connection it making us feel stronger connect.
I cleanse our stones, i will miss them when i will have to left this solitary room, but already they are doing their jobs.

Their vibrations are surrounding me, and thay make me feel more connect to you. 
I’m sure you have read that comment i have left on that post… who know s what are thinking in these period about me.
Your eyes straight into mine, are the most beautiful thing that i can see.

Stay in this aparatment where is happening everything is the most place exciting, and when i see the smartphone is just passed our double number, and i can feel our electric shocks crossing our minds. 
I shake the head. How is it possible? 

I’m sure that you are think to read some part of my tale i have sent you. I have this perception, and i never wrong with you. Take your time. 

We have throw away the air from the lungs at the same times. 
In this period we feel us more connect than ever, and even if you can’t reply me i feel your clolseness stronger, and this is the most beautiful sensation that you make me feel. You make me throw away all the air from the lungs, and those lips ajar says me that you would a kiss. 
If i could i would give you it immediately. 
Wait this night, and maybe our lips will caressing each other.
In meanwhile, you place you hand on my chest. 
Do you feel, my heart  beating strong? It’s  our connection that making us feel always more closer.


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