When you have came out you have stopped for a while, and you have looked at yourself around. You have could hear what those creatures  were thinking while they have passed in front of you, and for a while you have stared them.
Inwardly, you was smiling for what they were thinking.

That pungent smell was spreading in the air, and when you have sniffed your finger, you have  throw away the air from the lungs, and your mind got back in the apartment with me inside, and that white skirt that you have roughly snatched, it have made you sighed my name, when you have started to walk.

Lost in thought, you have liftetd the collar of your black coat, and when you have rcognized the sign of the striptease club you have directed yourself toward that part.
You have met many creatures of different species. You have recognized some of them more you have came closer to the club, and you hoping  meet the car mechanic outside the club, as you did the first time,  but you had not lucky, but maybe, it didn’t care you. 
On the contrary you wanted enter in that striptease to chat with Cyclope and know something more about me.

But when you entered many of the creatures of the club were in agitation, and when you have met Cyclope, Cyclope have called immediately called Michelle.
You didn’t know them well, but their glances have set on you, asking: “Where is Daria?” and without wait that they had formulated aloud the question, you have replied them: “I have left her in her apartment” and your glance was more explanatory than million other words. 

Michelle have came closer to you, and staring your blissyful glance had understand what we had done, and she have said: “Maybe you haven’t noticed the other sexual activities of the city during the night, but there have been one couple that have make love, sex more than others, that have catched the attention of the werewolf, and maybe Daria have told you of that creature of night, and her violent end…” 
Despite Michelle was a creature look like a big river horse, her sense of smell was very developed, and when she have came closer to you, she have could feel that pungent smell of who had made love all night long.

“There are rumors that the werewolf have aimed a couple, who have been seen made love under a streetlamps just like the werewolf likes, and from our experience, when he want something, hardly he doesn’t obtain it, and between us and us we know you are that couple.” 
You have could not say the contrary, and that blissful glance was espressing how many enjoyment you had felt. 

You seemed relatively calm to those bad news that my friends were saying you.
Everybody still hadn’t catched the ability that you had absorb from me.
And after a long breath, you looked at my friends one by one, finally looking at Michelle, and taking her big paws, you looked right into her beautiful green eyes, and in your deep voice, you said: “It’s true , tonight we have not rest ourselves, every look, every touch turned into acts of love, and they are been so deep, rare, intense and truly magical, ever since i laid my gaze on her, i felt that there it was something special, and so it was been. I have read her mind just before entering i heard her, together we agreed i am moving in with her i come here to see the auto mechanic.”

Everybody had heardt with much attention what you had said them, but Michelle was still doubtful, and she have came closer to you, and in an ear, she have asked something that have got you suspicious. 
“Can you hear her now?” And she have stared you straight into your eyes, and she haven’t the stick off her glance from your till you have wide eyes open. 
“I can hear her heart beating fast! Shit Daria” Why you haven’t come with me?”

You have sighed my name several times, but you have not receveid no replies from me, but you have coud hear just my heavy breathe. It was breathe of someone that had in front someone of which it had fear, having not a supporter by her side.
“Let Cyclope go with you. Run!” And Michelle have gave his big man a pat, and she have nodded, leaving understand that she have would closed her club till her friend wasn’t been in safe.

Now it was your heart that was about to splash out from your chest, and looking at  that big beast next to you, you was cursing yourself to don’t have conviced me to go with you. 
And that phrase you have said me in the apartment was resounding in your head as a warning.
You was running faster than you could, looking at Cyclope always next to you desspite his big size. 

You were still calling me, but what you heard was my heavy breathing, and now you could hear some curses I said to those in front of me, and you was hearing some appreciation of those who had entered the apartment slamming the door.
You have arrived, making slow, and what you had seen, have made you boil the blood.”



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