I’m throwing

Away the air from the lungs, because i’m feeling your closeness, and your arms around my belly it makes itself always so strong, and this melody makes me feel closer to you. I can perceive our soft punch in the stomach, and our electric shocks are crossing our minds and everything vanish while Our Parallel World is lifting  around us.

Our closeness is making itself always stronger. 
Sweetly i can feel your whispers, while you are reading  for the umpeenth times the letter i’ve sent you, and really slow, you are perceiving everything i have wrote you, staring all the stones in those blue little bags, while i’m throw all the air from the air because another double number have appeared, and i don’t  want believe that all this is only a coincidence.

My heart is beating like a crazy, because what i’m feeling i know, in someway, you are feeling too. 
Everything is so magical. Even what i write in my tales is mirroring what we are feeling in these days.
And  from seven years, everything it is developing inside Our Parallel World, and little by little, we are realizing that it’s a part of our beings that making us  feel that everything is  a magic reality.

What we have to do is only throw away the air from the lungs, and looking at us around. 
Our Parallel World is here, and the only thing we have to is accept it, as the most important thing of our lives.


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