When you have opened the eyes and you have seen me in that pose, you have remained speechless and when i have took your finger you haven’t know what you would have feel, but when you have feel those contractions, you have would wanted see me while i was provoking me enjoyment. 

You was still sleepy, but you have could feel  that smell that by now, it was making part of that apartment, and your eyes were looking for see to another part, but what you was looking at was more magnetic that something else thing in that apartment. 
My contractions were ended from a bit, and my hand had  set free your finger. You have could moved it, but you didn’t. 

We were so silent. I could see your amazement at my gesture, as you whispered how special I was, but somehow, we both had to shake off that incredible atmosphere that was around us, and we knew that if we wanted to go back inside sooner of that bubble, we, you in particular, should have gone to your city and back.
While you got up, you have throw away the air from the lungs, and you haven’t stick off the glance from me that i was still on the floor with that snatched skirt all open making you see that little intimate part that was contracting itself. Sighing my name, you have collected the pants from the floor, and only when we both have stared that spotted shirt, i have elongated my hand to your, and with delicateness, you have helped to stand me up. 

Only when i have been in front to you, another time that atmosphere have enveloped us. I have touched your bare chest, and i have hold back the breathe, and immediately after few seconds later, i have accompaned you to the wardrobe, and i have made you see the drawer.
When you have opened it, i went to that kitchenette and have took two mugs. I would wanted get prepare the something to drink, but when you back to me with the simpliest white t-shirt on, roughly you have turned me toward you, and for don’t fall i have place my hands on your chest, and when your hand have slide below that skirt, first you have feel my moan and immediately after something getting wet, and then you have retired your finger among my legs and in front of me, you have licked it. 

As you do, i was losing the ground below the feets, and i have had to place my hands on that small table, looking at straight into your eyes, while several drops of enjoyment, have fallen on the floor. We have could feel them, and right after we have could see them get bigger on the ground as a oils spot. 
When we have got back to stare at each other, you have taking a flap of my skirt and pulling it toward you, leaving it fall when it was well tense, you have have sighed: “Remain so. I get back really soon” and you have turned, and while you was  going away, i have been capable to catch your hand, but you didn’t have stopped.
When our hand have break away, i have hold back the breathe and only when you have close the door, i have threw away it from the lungs. 

Just in those seconds,  i was realizing that from when you have entered in striptease club, till few seconds earlier we weren’t ever divided us, and that Cyclope’s prank was been really incredible, and just in those i was realizing that the apartment was smelling by those many orgasms we had have. 
Unconsciously i have moved away the skirt and my glance have placed among my legs, sighing your name once again, i have  noticed that some drops were dried, and so i have cleaned them with my finger, then i have sniffed and at end i have licked them.  I wanted taste my own savour, and think that you had the same it have made me think more to you, and when  my glance have place on that spotted shirt on the floor, our moans have resounded in my mind. 

I wanted to leave everything as it was, but I had to tidy up the whole apartment a bit.
I was about to open the window, as you had left me. With bare breasts and that torn skirt still on.
I was lost in thought.
If someone had passed in those seconds, he would have seen a messy girl and, perhaps, would have thought that that apartment was just an apartment for appointments, but with that name the only one who could call me was you.

I slowly went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up.”


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