I have started

Smile when i have felt your embrace around my belly. I have thought when i have felt what you have make me feel, and i have thought to tonight. 
I have remember your glance straight into mine and that warm inside me. Yes  that moment.

And now our connection it is making itself always stronger.
Even if i’m looking at you from behind, i can perceive your heart is beating strong, and your thought is toward mine.
The soft punch in the stomach it says us that our connection is very powerful. 
I can feel you throw away all the air from the lungs, and this is making me going crazy. 

You can perceive my presence, and your wish is turn round, but you can’t. 
You only can  hold back the breathe and sigh my name in your mind, knowing thatg i can hear it. 
This is our connection and everything is collecting  inside Our Parallel World.

When our glances meet, you stop for a bit, sighing my name and slow you come closer and when our forehead touches, we start our slow dance.
Another double number have appeared just in this moment… 



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