One next to another, we were hearing our breathes that was got back to normality, while that pale light of the moon was entering through those slots and it was drawing strange forms on the floor and it was reaching our bodies, and with the glance, you was following those beams that was were reaching my bare legs, and in a someway, you wanted protected them, and sweetly we were testing yet your new ability, and you was saying that now nothing and nobody could divide us.
At those your words i have could not throw away the air from the lungs and sigh your name, and you have tightened me always more to you. 

I had said that we didn’t wanted asleep, but it was what we had done, after said those words. 
We have asleep, me embraced by your strong arms, so on the floor leaned to the feets of the sofa.
Our breathes have been a warm blanket that have enveloped all the little apartment till the first light of the sun have entered through the window warming my legs, and when i have turned toward you, you had yet the eyes closed. 
It got back in mind in that exact moment, when i have stared you when you had reached your amplex, and there without realize, i had some contraction among legs, and delicately i touched myself and some drops of enjoyment  have came out, and their smell have awoke the creatures placed below the window. 

When they have sniffed the new pungent smell, immediately they have opened their bloody reddish eyes, and they have looked themselves around, as if if they had to search in that street, but in that street, there were nobody yet, but from that smell they had knew that someone got exciting himself again. 

Right after reprise themselves, the smarter have indicated the window above, and with careful, they have take a look inside. 
The scenario wasn’t changed, maybe except for the light. The two humans were lay on the floor, next to the sofa, but there was something that they had not understand but it was from there that the smell came from.

Through the slots of the window they have could seen that confuse but exciting scene.
Me next to you, with wide legs open that i was wet me the finger with saliva and slowly i was penetrating myself, looking at you still, moaning.
They have remained for a bit to stare at me and what i was doing. Those moaning were audible and for whoever would have passed, they were moan really dirty. 

Once checked the situation that small group of creatures have thought the same thing, and when they have shared a glance, that glance was full of fear, and my reputation have collected another name, and they have said it in a sigh, almost having fear: “She is a mantis! She make sex with her victim then she kill him!”
And  for what they had seen it could being. After have killed him i was provoking me another orgasm just looking at his body still warm lay on floor.

Now their thoughts was more tangled than before. They knew mantis, and those creatures, as much fascinating they were, they were  even the most dangerous, and in their minds were running fast the kick i have gave to the werewolf, and for them it  was already a strong sign that their leader would have  to give up to, but knowing him well, that «uncover»  they had done, it was a challenge more for the werewolf, and now i would have been  the most wished creature that he have would wanted have, and above all make her his.

In meawhile inside the apartement the moans were always more audible and that pungent smell was getting excited those scared creatures, and only few minutes after they have decided to go to their leader to announce their uncover, and see what he woud have say. 

When they have left the position below the window, inside the apartment, my masturbation was about to end with one of the most slow orgasm, and when you have you have opened the eyes, that glance straight into mine it have been like a fast another penetration and few seconds later i had my second orgasm in row, and without thinking much i have take your finger inserting it inside my wet lips and you have could feel my contractions.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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