After that another wave of unexpected sex, we have throw away all the air from the lungs, and we have stopped ourselves in the exact position in which we had the orgasms.
You, kneeled in front of  me with your desire that slowly, was getting calm, and your arms were keeping my legs up.

Our glances didn’t wanted stick off one from another, and that pungent smell was a smell to which we have got used to feel, as much that we hadn’t feel it no longer, but it was coming out from that window slot, and it was spreading along that dark corner of city, and it was drawing attention of someone. 
Someone who have been warned by those  creatures who had glimpsed inside our window.

He have been brought just to the opposite sidewalk, just few minutes earlier, that you have started make sex with me, and just when you have pronnounced that word, the werewolf have recognized your voice and the small group have came closer to the slot window and from that, they have seen you that was possessing me as in the street: wildly.
And when that word have resounded in the room, from my legs have came out several drops of enjoyment. 

That show was the show that those creatures were love see, because they knew, that right after amplex their victims were at their own mercy, and they had not some forces to fight, and they could attack them with much ease.
But with those humans, they had to being careful. 
The werewolf had in mind that kick that i had gave him, but being maybe hardest preys that he would have caught, we were the most coveted, and he knew we were so, even for the way we had made that sex below that streetlamp. He had in mind yet, those drops that were fallen from below my white skirt, and he what he had seen few minutes earlier, it had reminded him, how sexy and exciting i was.

He have moved away from the sidewalk of the building and he got back to the opposite one with his henchmen, and he have ssaid them: “I want them, expecially the girl… i feel her smell and i want make her mine!”
He was feeling the smell of my orgasms, and the small group of his followers, could see how much he got excited himself only at thought.
Their glance were  really scared, and they knew that if he had not have me in few time, for them it would have meant the ban from that really small group of bad creatures of the city.

He got back closer to the window and from that slot, he had sniffed that pungent smell, and the small group, have seen that among his paws, something was getting big, and some drops were falling, and getting wet his pants. 
He have glimpsed the small group and running away, he have roared: “I want her!” and he have vanished in the darkness of that unkown part of that city.
Those creatures have stopped, and they have looked themselves around, and then the have shared a glance. 
In those gaze it could read very well the question: “And now?”
But they knew what had to do. They had to organize themselves and study each our movements. 

The waiting for have been shorter than they had imagined. 
They had to being invisible, but that was their ability.
They had seen us freely when we had sex below that streetlamp, and they even enjoyed looking that bad lit scene.
But now they had stay closer to the building. 

Now that you had learned to speak through the mind, our speech were made by only thoughts, and barely we were talking.
Inside the apartment, that smell that the werewolf had sniffed, was inebriating us yet, and our glance didn’t wanted stick off one another, but we were seriously thinking about what you have would do as  soon the sun have would  came up.
You have would have go to the car mechanic, and retired the car, you would have go directly to your apartment to collect few things and you wold backward, while i would have made order in that messy apartment. 

We were still in front one another, you had took my hands in your and, delicately you had invited me to go with you, but i had preferred wait you, settling the wardrobe.
We were exhausted for everything we had done and discovered, but close the eyes wasn’t the thing we wanted do. 
We were settled better on the floor with the back leaned at feet of that couch, and still bare, and with the skirt all opened, we have snuggled one another, and we have started to stare the window, from where it was entering one only moon beam”


Listen to it🔉⤵



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