When i feel

Your embrace around my belly, i can only throw away all the air from the lungs, and now it very strong. 
Our minds are connected, and what i’m feeling is the most deep sensantion i’m feeling. 
You are reading for the umpteenth time that letter, and you have stopped in that point i write about the Twin Flames. 
I have strong sighed, and  in someway, you have heard it, and you have turned to see what was that strange sound. 

Without thinking much you have sighed my name, and i have feel it inside me… and the soft punch in the stomach have grown always more. I’m throwing all the air from the lungs, because now all these emotions are expanding fast around us, and despite we are so far, this distance makes us feel so close, in a special way that only us can perceive.

You are reading that latter and you are looking for to understand which kind of spell is inside of it, because you know is something magical. 
Your  electric shock are crossing my mind, and you are feeling my heart is beating like a crazy.

It’s so magical when our connection is sorround us, and little by little, we are realizing that everything is real. 
Our Parallel World is the place where our souls meeting, and it makes us trembling.


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