Everything was coming with a reasonable timing, and we were inside of it as if we were overwehlemd by newest sensations, we have spent some time to testing your ability to read the mind.
We were talking in silence, and ocassionally we have laughed aloud.

The first window of the that building was mine, and my habit was to keep it a bit opened to circulate the air. 
Usually in that apartment didn’t have fly a fly, but in those earlier hours  some noise more it was heard, but in that dark corner the passings-by didn’t noticing  those sexual activities.
It was an habit around the city hearing moaning of pleasure during certain hours of the night, but laughing without before hearing speak, it was really creepy, and those were just those laugh that have got suspiscious some of creatures who slowly have came closer the building, and with curious way, they have glimpsed inside that window, and with surprise have seen the same couple of human that had made that violent sex under that bad lit streetlamp.
They have shared a glance, and one of them have sniffed the air that was coming out from that slot, and the smell have got excited them. They knew what had to do, and running away, they have left the sidewalk. 
Another solitary laugh have resounded in that sidewalk.

Inside my little apartment, we were talking in silence.  Only few times, we have sighed our names, and even speaking menthally, we could not hold back some feelings and only whispering some small phrases we could express what we were feeling in those intstants, and maybe they were the deepest. 
We were reasoning on how it have been possible, and that question was like a broken record, while our hands were chasing.
Ocasionally, you was throwing a glance on that shirt placed on the floor, and closing the eyes, you was sniffing the air, and finally when your hand have placed on my bare thighs, i slowly i have reopened the legs, staring straight your eyes, and  i have moved myself toward you. 
Your hand were still. My body have made them slide in the inner, and only when the index finger have reached that intimate part that i wanted, i have stopped and i have opened the eyes and i have looked at you, sighing your name. After i have bite my lips, and i have left the mouth ajar.

In that silent conversation we had earlier, we had decided that in the next few hours you would go get the car first, and then you would go get something from your apartment, while i would wait for you, arranging the wardrobe.
By now, even washing the shirt, those spots of my enjoyment would be noticed, and above all felt, and it would been dangerous. 

Coming out and entering in our magical bubble, while your finger were stand really close my intimate lips, i have tried to say you would have find a t-shirt inside a drawer. 
This time, it was impossible talk in silence, because my breathe was slowly increasing, and among a heavy breathe and a short moan, i have indicated where you would have find the shirt.
You have let me understand that you had comprehended, but now you wanted see where till i would have pushed myself with that perverse game. 
You had understand that you had to not do nothing, but slowly your finger would arrived where i have wished.

But it would be not ever arrived to touchdown, because when our glance have met again, with a hit, you have moved the table where i was sat, and you have made me fall and in a quick movement you have kneeled yourself behind me and you have lifted that already snatched skirt over my back, and as in the street, you have taken a lock of hair in hand and you have pulled up my head, while your desire was entering in my butt, and with the other hand, you was feeling that i was getting me wet, and only when you have feeling that it was awash by my sex, you have turned me, and clashed on the floor, and roughly, youi have opened me my legs, and when you have entered inside me, i have flooded you, and we have came at same time. 

This time our orgasm have been longer than others, and our fluids more consistents and powerful.
They have came out from out our bodies, and your was still splashing straight toward me. 
I have opened the mouth i have swallowed your orgasm, while you was looking at me. 
In your mind that word, and you knew i would heard it. 
I have close the eyes, while you have leaned on me and coming closer to me my ear and you have repeated it, then you have kissed me passionately.”


Listen to it🔉⤵



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