After that kiss we both have remained in silence. You was keeping tight that flap of that  your shirt as if it was the treasure  of that famous island, and ocasionally you have throw away a glimpse on it and immediately your glance was placing on me. 
I knew, that i had made you enjoy much. I had understand it how you was keeping tight that shirt.
I have smiled you and you didn’t wanted stick off your eyes from mine. It was an idyllic moment, and we both didn’t wanted had no end.

Once again, we had filled the room with our pungent smell, and that flap was a good diffuser. 
When you have decide got up, you have  left it fallen on the ground, and when our bodies have touched, we have looked at each other. for a bit we have remained in silence, then in a sigh, you have said: “You have been fantastic!”
Those few words have had the same effect of that word said in street. 
My heart have started to beat fast, and when i have lifted the glance and i have dived myself into your, you have said a phrase that have destabilized me, but it was that i would have wanted hear from you.

“I remain here” it have been  said in a decisive way, and in that moment a milion of thoughts in my mind were chasing each other. In my deep it was what i hoped, and i have looked at you, knowing well that what you had said it was  said with the heart.
You was about to say something else, but i have immediately put my finger on your mouth. 
I wanted savour that moment, while our delicate breaths were merging each other.

I could read your mind, and what i was reading it was merging with our intimate moments. 
We were in front yet, and i was touching your chest. Your heart have starting beating like a crazy, and now everything was running fast. 
The last phrase that i have could read, it have been: “What incredible woman i have met” and delicately you have caressed one nipple, and i have left you do, while you was making slide on my arms that already unfastend shirt.
At that gesture we have throw away the air from the lungs, and we have shared a glance. 

It was time to get back to the reality, and  it wasn’t easy at all, after being been in that world of passion and unpronnouciable sins.
We knew that, after what you have said, we had organize ourselves, and planning a mininum plan, it was what we had do.
Surely, you had to back from the city where you had little apartment and take some of your dresses, and now the car it was an essential thing. 
I was nodding in silence while you was reasoning between you and you. 

We have sat on that couch, and you was keeping my hands in your and your glance was straight on those hands that you was tightening. Ocassionally, you turning toward me, and those eyes was hitting me in my deep.
In those few instants it have born something more magical than that strange alchemy that was born around those act of love, pure sex and pure enjoyment.
Even if you wasn’t literally talking to me, you have stopped, and in a sigh, you have called my name. Also me, had felt something that was lifting around us. 
It was filling our souls. It was a newest sensation, never felt before. All of a sudden i have break away my hand from your hold. I wasn’t scared. I had to be used to those sensations, but with you it have been different: more intense. 

After those moments of insane love or sex or whatever it was called, were we entering in a new intimacy?
In your glance i have could see something that it have came close to something that seemed a new awareness that was was growing inside you, and maybe i was comprehending what it was, but to understand better, i have softly said you: “Take a long breath”, and you have looked at me. You knew that whatever was, it have would been not a bad thing, on the contrary. 

While you was looking at me, i was settled in front of you sat on that small table in front of the sofa, and while i was taking both of your hands, our glances haven’t wanted stick off from one another, and i softly was talking to you.
At our touches a electric shocks have crossed our minds. 
You have jolted, and in your glance was printing: “What’s happening?”
I was looking at you, sweetly smiling assuring you, that maybe it was happening the most beautiful thing among us.
I had told you that sentence fading the last part, and looking at you smiling, i have throw away the air from the lungs and  i have wanted tested it once again, making you a simple question, but this time i had not opened mouth, and what i have seen in your glance it have been a sense of surprise, and immediately you had understand what was happend in those minutes.

I had asked you if you could hear what i was saying without say nothing. 
You had replied with the same coin, and i have could hear your deep voice enter in my soul, making me trembling.
I have remained breathless, and you was reasoning how it have been possible. 
But there was one reason, and we had to found it in that very first time we had shared our glances, and maybe our first touch our hands. A little electric shock had crossed us and the rest have came itself.”


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